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Athlete Focus: Cullen McCormick
cullen mccormick
Richmond Hill sophomore Cullen McCormick. (Photo/Chase Goodman)

Those watching Cullen McCormick play on the court for the first time will be shocked to learn that the Wildcats’ skillful #22 is only a sophomore.  

“It really means a lot to me that I get to play so much as a sophomore,” McCormick said. “I definitely soak up every moment that I am out there with my team on the floor. It has really helped my confidence as a player, and to also improve my game.

“It really means a lot to me that my teammates, and Coach Jones, trust me so much that I can help the team out with my playmaking ability. Gaining experience with the older players on our team and opposing teams has helped me a lot.”

McCormick’s game and that of her fellow teammates has elevated this year, allowing them to have a 15-8 record with just two games left before they begin their playoff journey. The closeness of this particular roster has created a bond that has helped them to win big games.

“This team means a lot to me because I would not be where I am without them,” McCormick said. “The team helps me push myself in the weight-room, school and out on the court. My favorite thing about this team is that everyone has the same goal in mind; to compete and get better each day, and have fun while doing it.”

Basketball is more than just a game to McCormick–it has helped her grow as a person. 

“I play basketball to prove to myself that I can balance being a student and an athlete, by balancing everything that I want to accomplish,” McCormick said. “I am motivated to get to the next level after high school, and to just make myself better in general. Basketball has told me not only how to handle a ball, but also life lessons.”

These life lessons have been guiding McCormick since the beginning, when she started playing basketball at the Richmond Hill Recreation Department at just six years old. 

And the young underclassman backs herself to continue her basketball career in college. 

“It is my plan and hope that I am able to make it to the college level and play basketball there,” McCormick said. “I want to get a kick start to my future career in physical therapy.

“Ever since I was little, I have always had dreams of doing something in the medical field. I have always liked helping people and getting to know their story. While playing sports, I have met a lot of cool physical therapy people and I want to be just like them.”

One thing is for certain; Cullen McCormick is already a force to be reckoned with, and as she continues to play for the Wildcats, her talent on the court will continue to turn heads. 

McCormick and the rest of the Richmond Hill Lady Wildcats will travel to Lowndes on February 2 to take on the Vikettes. Tip-off is at 6pm

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