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Angling for some good fishing stories from you
Ernie Mitchell
Ernie Mitchell writes about fishing for the Bryan County News

This week I’ve listed several ideas that friends have brought to me, to write about, and get feedback from you, the reader. They are numbered to keep them grouped. Future columns will be based on these, along with your personal stories.

Please send your experiences relating to them, to: 

1. Don’t tell anyone:

Bill was my former neighbor, a highly intelligent civil engineer, and a fishing and hunting buddy. He would say over and over, “don’t tell anybody where we went!”

His high pitched voice was used for emphasis, so I knew he meant it; don’t tell anyone what body of water, city, county, state or hemisphere. Do you know anyone who is fanatical about keeping their fishing spot secret? Is it you? Me: I generalize.

2. Have you had a day like this:

Think of the Bill Dance’s goofs video, Oliver and Hardy, and the Three Stooges. Funny stuff, while seriously fishing.

3. Not in my neighborhood:

 Places outside this area you have fished. Think of exotic locations, unusual places, unique waters, fun spots.

4. Strange things I have caught:

Anyone catch a rubber boot?

5. Keep or catch and release discussion:

I keep and eat the legal saltwater fish I catch.

When I was a young man, with a wife and three children we ate all the fresh water bass and brim I could catch.

But now, I release all that I catch in freshwater. What do you do?

6.Your favorite fishing television program; past or present:

 The Flying Fisherman, Lee Wolfe. River Monsters, Bill Dance, Hank Parker.

Who and why you like them.

7. Children and teens:

 Live your dream. Enjoy fishing, hunting and the outdoors? There are lots of opportunities for careers, professional bass fishing, biologist, writers, guides, equipment makers, park rangers, wildlife officers. Lets educate our young people.

8. Fishing buddies/friends/family: 

Tell me some stories on fishing with them. First time with them, or unusual events with a fishing partner. A truly memorable, and rewarding time fishing.

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