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Where is the mosquito control in Richmond Hill?
Letter to the editor
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First, I want to say “thank you” to the city of Richmond Hill for resurfacing Magnolia Street — then I need to know why I do not hear the mosquito spray truck in my neighborhood.

The mosquitoes are eating probably everybody alive. So why are we not receiving a service we are paying for through our taxes, etc.? the canals adjacent to my neighborhood are atrocious, being totally overgrown with vegetation, which gives mosquitoes a nice cool place to hide out while their blood meal is assisting them in producing more mosquitoes.

And God forbid if you venture into their territory. You look like you have been seasoned with black pepper and hope you don’t run into one of the many “running-loose” dogs looking for a free meal.

Anyway, it’s not a joking matter not to be able to work or sit outside without mosquitoes eating you alive.

One more thing, at “The Five” would say: The street in front of the car wash and nursery where water undermines the integrity of said street, thus leaving pot holes that can tear the bottom out of a vehicle — I understand those mentioned businesses own this street and are responsible for the upkeep. Do it or be prepared to repair my vehicle. I can certainly understand the city not wanting to take responsibility for this street.

— Dianne Rutland, Richmond Hill

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