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What is your motive?
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What is your real motive?

In Matthew 6 Jesus addressed several activities that are really good things to practice within our faith, but His main emphasis here is our motive behind them.

He refers to the practices of good deeds, giving, prayer and fasting and warns against having a motive to be seen or recognized. In other words, when we do things, living out our Christian faith, we should do them so that the kingdom of God will be advanced and so that the God we serve will get all of the honor and praise. Another truth He drives home is the fact that people who do things for selfpraise will get some recognition from others but that’s all the reward that they can expect to receive. While those who do these things out of a right motive will be rewarded by God Himself. For instance, in Matthew 6:5, it reads, “Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

Jesus also says that those who practice self- righteousness are putting themselves in the same category as hypocrites, because that’s what they do.

So, we need to ask ourselves this question: whenever we practice our faith, what is our real motive?

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