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A tribute to mother
pastor corner

In Luke chapter 2 we find the story of the 12 year old Jesus getting separated from his parents, through a choice of his own. He decided to go to the temple and converse with the teachers of the law. When the parents left the city to go home they presumed Jesus was with some of the family but found he wasn’t. They searched for him and when they found him, Mary, his mother, voiced her concern. She said in verse 48, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.” This was a rebuke but more than that it was a sign of care and love. When Jesus was on the cross we see how close of a relationship they had when he made sure she was taken care of by his disciple John.

I know that it wasn’t always an easy job taking care of me when I was growing up but my mother was always there for me. I had, what today is known as ADHD, so I was always having problems sitting still. My mother worked hard in the home helping to raise my 3 siblings and I. When I was around 10 my mom went to work outside the home which made her life even more challenging. She did so in order for us kids to have the things we needed, like clothes, school supplies etc. I remember her getting up really early ironing clothes and cooking breakfast. She still found time to put up canned food, wash and hang clothes on the line, and have a great supper on the table. Whenever I got hurt it was my mother that I went to for comfort and help. Even though my mother suffered from migraine headaches she just kept going like the “Energizer bunny”. More than anything else, I am thankful that my mother was an example of someone who followed Jesus. She and my father kept us in church and taught us right from wrong. I believe my mother was proud of me and when anything good happened in my life I called her to inform her and she celebrated with me. Also when things weren’t going so well, she was there to listen and encourage.

I miss her and know by faith that one day we will be reunited again. I want to end well to keep her proud.

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