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Tax office ready to help with notices
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Within the next few days you should receive an assessment notice of the tax value of your property. The notice you receive will have the appraised value, taking into consideration sales during the past year including foreclosure sales.
It is estimated by our tax assessors office that the total tax digest will be reduced by 3 percent to 4 percent. This is an average with some properties losing more value than others and some having no change at all.
There are two important numbers that will be on the notice: first, the tax value of your property; and second, your property tax amount based on last year’s millage rate.
We don’t know at this point in time if that millage rate will be the same for this year. We are currently working on next year’s budget and looking for ways to reduce expenses. It is the goal of your commissioners to keep the millage rate one of the lowest on the coast of Georgia.
 When you receive your notice, you will have 45 days to make an appeal if you do not agree with the value. If you decide to appeal the value, you should contact the tax assessor’s office at the phone number provided on the form, and they will provide you with a form with your information on it that you can use for the appeal.
This is a new process that was approved by the Georgia Legislature during its last session. Our tax assessor’s office stands ready to help you in any way they can and can be reached at 653-3889 or 756-3209.

Burnsed is the chairman of the Bryan County Board of Commissioners.

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