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Stopping the Obamacare train wreck
Legislative update
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If you had any doubt of the disastrous effects of Obamacare, two Georgia companies provided real world examples this week.
First UPS announced that 15,000 working spouses of its employees would lose their health coverage because it could no longer afford to provide it under Obamacare’s regulations.  So much for President Obama’s promise that you could keep your coverage if you liked it.
Then Delta announced that complying with Obamacare would cost the company $100 million in 2014 alone and would prevent Atlanta-based airline from investing in expanding its business.  That is a double whammy meaning higher health care costs for its employees and less jobs in Georgia.
As the employees at Delta, UPS and thousands at businesses large and small are finding out, the threat posed by Obamacare is very real and is becoming more and more apparent every day.
This week, 79 House Republicans and I wrote to Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor urging them to use the appropriations process to affirmatively defund this misguided law.
By defunding the law, we can halt its implementation before it causes any more damage to the American people and the American economy.
The Obama Administration itself admitted that this law is not ready earlier this year when it delayed the employer mandate by a year.  Unfortunately, congressional Democrats and President Obama have refused to join the House is extending this same relief to working Americans.
To make matters worse, the agency charged with administering the bulk of the law is the one that has proven itself least deserving of public trust: the Internal Revenue Service.  
We cannot allow a half-baked law administered by an agency embroiled in scandal to impact the most personal facet of our lives.  The American people do not want a bureaucrat between them and their doctors.
Increasing access and bringing down the cost of health care in America does not require expanding government or giving more power to the bureaucrats at the IRS.  Instead, we can meet the challenge by empowering patients and doctors to bring down costs.
We should remove government barriers to competition by allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines.  We should enact medical liability reform to reduce frivolous lawsuits that drive up costs and encourage unnecessary procedures.  We should increase transparency to allow patients to shop around for health care just like they would for a car or laundry detergent.
Winston Churchill famously said that America always does the right thing after exhausting the other options.  This time, let’s hope he was right.

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