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Our journey is like a river
pastor corner

This week I was at a conference in Alabama and beside where I was staying was a beautiful river. During the mornings, I would walk on a trail beside this river going over my daily prayers. My thoughts went to how this river could bring blessing or disaster to those living near its banks.

There would be farmers who depended on the water for their crops and residents who relied on this water for their basic needs. If heavy rains caused its banks to overflow, then flooding could destroy crops as well as personal property.

Our lives can be like this river; we can either affect the lives of others negatively or positively. All of us have influence and can be used to help others make good decisions or bad ones.

There will be those who look up to us and will follow in our footsteps. As believers in Jesus, the scripture teaches us in John 7 that rivers of living water can flow from within us. This happens when the Spirit of God lives through us and influences those around us to live lives that glorify God.

We need to understand that we have just one life to live and one life to give, so let’s work together to change the world which God has placed us in.

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