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One thing
pastor corner

By Pastor Jim Jackson, Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church.

I've gotta confess. It's hard for me to focus on just one thing. I'll go to the garage to pick up something and become distracted by something else. Often I've forgotten why I even came to the garage. I'm sure there is a fancy name for this, but I prefer not being identified with some psychological term. No, it's just me, wrestling with a phenomenon all too common for many of us on the shady side of sixty.

The Apostle Paul apparently didn't suffer much from this malady, for he once wrote: "This one thing I do.." It seems that he had adopted a single over-arching goal for his life. He was able to keep the goal always before himself. Into that objective he engaged his imagination, employed his talents, surrendered his time, and accepted whatever sacrifices necessary. Someone once called that Paul's "magnificent obsession." And so it was.

But what was it that claimed his attention and consumed his whole life? One thing, rather I should say, one person- Jesus Christ. It all began when he was on a mission to persecute Christians. His encounter with Jesus led him to say, "Lord what would you have me do?" Now that's a courageous question, for the Lord spent the remainder of Pauls's life showing him what to do. But think of all he accomplished in both his missionary endeavors and writing, all because his whole life was sharply focused.

Of course, Paul focused upon many things, but all of them were under the umbrella of an over-arching singular endeavor, one he considered worth his life. So what? Well it seems to me that the best life is one in which we are captivated by something worth our life, perhaps to the point of suffering and sacrifice. We Christians have found that to be serving the same One Paul did.

Recall that childhood story of the turtle that beat the rabbit in a foot race. He centered on nhis objective, refusing distraction. The rabbit made a sightseeing trip of ot and lost, though better equipped for the speed.

It's a simple way of life that often calls for sacrifices, but those of us who spend our lives as Paul did "looking unto Jesus," have found it more than satisfying.

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