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Nutritional Wealth: Learning to know thyself is key to improving health, wealth
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Mike Thompson

“Know Thyself” -a practical quote so revered it is attributed to dozens of historical philosophers, artists and finally today- health scientists.

You are literally the only one who truly knows about all your particular eating, moving and mindset habits. Given the complexity of how food and thoughts react when entering your body; now you should go all the way and create a very special “Owners Manual for __________”(your name here). What you learn, do and become with this will change your health.

Jim Rohn wrote, “If you’re serious about becoming a healthy, wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, influential, cultured and unique individual, keep a journal. Don’t trust your memory. When you listen to something valuable, write it down. When you come across something important, write it down.” Are you serious about feeling good? Let’s begin. Starting your Owner’s Manual/Journal Get a loose leaf notebook (your fit watch app will work if you’ll use it) and start with five steps: 

1. Date the page and begin by writing what you ate for your last meal, the time and place, who you ate with or if you ate alone. Do this for each meal and snack.

 2. Record all your fluid intake. Adults aim for 12 cups of water a day (96 oz).With this focus and practice you’ll be able to start cutting back on sugary, alcoholic or caffeinated drinks as needed.

3. Jot down a few million- dollar compliments to fill your mental bank with more wealth as you write. Try “ I love myself”, “every day I’m getting better and better”, and/or “I’m happily enjoying my meal as I take care of my precious body.” Thoughts you think are equally important as what food you eat. 

4. Glorify your day by tracking your movement and exercise.

5. At the end of your day, write notes about your day, including diet, exercise, feelings and your plan for tomorrow. “Health, wealth and culture, here I come!”

Why start your journal/ owners manual?

• The National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute sponsored a weight loss maintenance trial with 1700 participants. The study showed that a person’s weight loss could double by keeping a food journal. A 2012 study from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics tracking dieters found that women who kept food journals lost 13% of their body weight, compared to 8% for non-journalers.

• As you advance your tracking you’ll understand and master your protein, carbohydrate and fat (macronutrient) intake.

• You’ll learn about and control food sensitivities such as if a certain food causes heartburn distress or keeps you awake.

If you could get a million dollar book for free, would you take the time to interact with that book? When you commit to creating this, it will easily be in the top 3 most important books you’ll ever own… worth much more than you could ever afford.

Successful business people know what gets measured, ultimately gets done. The associated alternative is what doesn’t get measured often falls by the wayside. Most people start diets and fitness programs, falter, then yo-yo through life incrementally gaining total weight and worse health through life.

When you commit to lifelong learning about yourself and building your owner’s manual-you are taking action to win the true wealth game.

Mike Thompson is a health coach and writes about nutrition and amazing aging. He lives in Richmond Hill, is certified in exercise nutrition and founder of SelfCare Sustained. Reach him at

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