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Stopping Strathy Hall speeders
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Dear Editor:


Please tell Mr. Beard and the County Commissioners that I am so with him on putting speed bumps in Strathy Hall. If he thinks that the speeders are bad down by Mill Hill, he ought to sit in front of my house on Strathy Hall Drive during the school year around 3:30 p.m. It’s a pretty straight road for a ways and the cars can get to a rather high rate of speed. Two years ago a speeder hit a Buick Roadmaster station wagon that was parked in front of my house. He was going so fast that the car snapped out of park and shot down the road about 200 feet. How fast do you have to be going to move a car that heavy that far? Can you imagine if that had been a kid?

The sheriff’s department is good to come out and run radar when you ask them, but this is a subdivision so there isn’t a high volume of traffic. It’s just that what there is is going awfully fast. A speed bump or two might cost more than a couple of hours of the sheriff’s time initially, but they would be effective 24/7. It sounds like a pretty cost effective solution to me.

Nancy Celani Baker


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