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Letter to the editor: Media not asking right questions in abortion issue
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In the aftermath of the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade resulting in 26 states with laws limiting abortion, there has been a renewed discussion of the parameters and what-ifs of abortion?

I’ve noticed that when it comes to the question of abortion in the case of rape, no one in the media is asking the right question, The basic point and closing phrase of our Pledge of Allegiance is: “Liberty and Justice for all.”

Since this idea “Justice for all” is one of our foundational principles in America, we need to ask the question, “Is it ‘Just’ to kill the children for the sins of their fathers?”

Everyone agrees that rape is evil and a terrible sin.

But, if that rape results in the creation of a child, should we then kill that innocent child, just because of the father’s evil deed?

The right answer is obvious. No! It is not fair or “just” to kill the child or the sins of the fathers or mothers. To kill the innocent is a travesty of justice and blatantly un-American.

We all need to share this truth with others. It’s crucial to always ask the right question.

Sadly, our national media seems to prefer just asking the emotional questions and not the deeper questions about truth and justice. If we are going to be a “Just society”, we must protect the innocent from evil. Emotionalism will not unite our country. We need to reflect on the difficult questions of life with truth and wisdom in order to move forward together.

Tom Seaman, Richmond Hill

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