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Letter to the editor: Mar-a-Lago is the modern Alamo
Letter to the Editor generic


Mar-a-Lago is our modern version of the Alamo.

The raid on President Trump’s resistance was obviously motivated by political extremism by Democrats within the bureaucracy afraid their utopia of DC is in danger. And worry they should. There’s a Red Wave coming in midterms and followed by 2024.

Our government is corrupted through and through for lack of oversight by Congress which started three decades ago to give more authority to bureaucracy.

That was bad idea then, for obvious reason now. Without accountability to Congress the agencies became emboldened and started to make rules to meet their agenda.

In other words, laws were put in place without legislation passed by Congress. We’re at a crossroads in midterms to save our constitutional republic from grasp of a woke force masquerading as Democrats but in truth are socialist or probably one generation from communism.

Government, aided by a corrupt educational system has went woke using indoctrination and brainwashing

on young people. That describes the FBI agent’s that raided Mar-a-Lago.

Just think, if government would do this without justification that means we could potentially wind up like the citizens of January 6.

Pulled from home and carried away without legal representation and held incognito, without contact with family. That’s world imprisonment. This will be changed in midterms. Get ready by staying motivated and speaking out.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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