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Letter to editor: Claims voting machines stole election a manipulation of people
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I read the 5 May 2022 Letter to the Editor entitled “Election Manipulation by Voting” and would like to make a few comments I believe the citizens of Bryan County should know.

The author is saying that there is now “hard evidence coming out of Mesa County, Colorado” that Dominion voting machines were used to steal the 2020 election. The Collins English Dictionary definition says “Hard evidence or facts are definitely true and do not need to be questioned.” I contend that the author’s so-called hard evidence does need to be questioned for the following reasons: The author consistently referenced “chain of custody” of electronic voting equipment but failed to address key questions that are relative to electronic voting systems equipment. Such questions are addressed by the U. S. Elections Assistance Commissions in their Best Practices: Chain of Custody Document. Here are a few of the questions that truly need to be asked to validate the hard evidence:

• Who had access to the hardware and software used for ballot creation and result tabulation?

• Were their audit logs?

• How often were their databases backed- up?

• Were there standards of storage and maintenance for electronic voting systems?

• Were there audit logs that maintained records of when data bases were accessed and are there written procedures to monitor them?

• What security features were in place for physical locations where equipment is used or stored?

The author then thanks Ms. Tina Peters the Mesa County Clerk for providing the evidence by copying Dominion’s hard drive.

However, he failed to mention that Ms. Peters is being indicted for election tampering and misconduct; and has ties with conspiracy theorist such as Mike Lindell the CEO of My Pillow and owner of the APP he mentioned in his article.

I also would like to point out that 95 percent of voters in Colorado received mailed paper ballots during the 2020 elections. Surely you can scan, tabulate and count 25 percent of votes on electronic voting equipment, but the real question is this: Did the Mesa County Clerk maintain paper records of all votes cast on the voting machines and voter hand marked ballots and was the chain of custody properly maintained? Likewise, the same question can be asked in the validation of the 25,000 votes the author claims were changed, lost or could not be validated. Finally, I’d like to ask why didn’t Ms. Peters forward the Dominion voting machine hard drive data to the Voting Systems Testing Laboratory which certifies “Trusted Build” electronic voting systems at the U. S. Elections Assistance Commission and could verify whether the Dominion Technician deleted the logs versus the expert from Texas A & M University?

The answer is best said by leaders of the Republican Party in Colorado who agree with the charges against Ms. Peters and state that she has used the power of her own office to raise her political profile since she is seeking election for the Colorado Secretary of State.

I consider this to be human manipulation versus manipulation by voting machines!!!

Paul Thurston, Richmond Hill

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