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I will rejoice
pastor corner

Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”. What day do you think the author is talking about; a beautiful sunny day or a day when things seemed to be going in the right direction?

No, I think he is referring to every day, because our God has created all of them and is in complete control.

The other day the weather was miserable and I had gotten quite a bit of bad news that day and the few days before. It seemed like the bad news would never stop.

Then I began to think about each situation and I found a reason to praise the Lord in each one of them. I found a reason to be able to quote Psalm 118:24. After all, we needed the rain and I know of plenty of places where they would really appreciate it. There were a couple of deaths where the deceased were believers, so I praised the Lord for the hope they possessed and the hope I have.

Some were physical needs and I found a reason to be thankful for God’s healing hand in some circumstances, and even if things turned for the worse, I will find a reason to praise the Lord for the eternal life these individuals possess. Today, I rejoiced that I had clean water, food, clothing and shelter. I thanked the Lord for His love, mercy and grace that’s given me each and every day that I do not deserve. I praise him for my health and His financial blessings. I praise Him for the salvation He has given me with the end result being that I get to spend eternity in this wonderful place called heaven.

“Lord, forgive us for the days we forget or choose not to rejoice for the day you have given us, because you are so good to us”.

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