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Honor thy mother, God
pastor corner

There are only two more shopping days until Mother’s Day. If you wake up on Sunday with nothing to give, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My mom has been gone for more than 14 years now. But that doesn’t mean that the day is without meaning for me. I will celebrate with my wife, the mother of my two sons, along with her mother. There will be a special dinner, and at least phone calls from my sons. Depending on work schedules we may see them.

And of course we make a big deal for Mother’s Day in our church. In fact, this year we will have three baby dedications on that day.

Our church practices baptism only for those who have personally professed faith in Jesus. That may include a child, but not an infant. We believe that baptism is for those who are old enough to make that choice for themselves. Obviously, not all Christians agree with us, but that is our belief.

Still, we do what we call baby dedications. During this time we challenge the parents of babies publicly to declare their faith, and then we encourage them to be faithful to guide their children to walk with Jesus.

The truth is that no parent can guarantee that a child will follow in your footsteps in every way. But we can do all within our power to show them how the Lord has changed our lives, and then we can encourage them to walk in obedience to him as well.

I am so grateful for parents who taught me to love Jesus, and to serve him in his church. They were great examples to me in this. I will forever be in debt to them for the legacy of faith they passed on to me.

And I pray, even as my sons are adults, that I will continue to show them that same path.

On Mother’s Day, I challenge you to consider what it means to walk with the Lord. I encourage you to be an example of faith and courage. I dare you to be the one who is faithful and true to God’s calling upon your life.

He has been faithful to you. Seek to be faithful to him.

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