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He is ready to forgive
pastor corner

I suppose I’m pretty fortunate. I certainly have done nothing to deserve it. But I’m clearly eligible for “senior discounts” in most places of business and still have a full head of hair. My dad does as well. It was true of all of my uncles, my mom and dad’s brothers, as well as both grandfathers.

A few years back, following a Sunday morning service, a church member came to me laughing so hard she couldn’t stop. Between fits of snickering I was finally able to understand what she was saying.

She had brought a friend to church that morning, and the friend had asked her, “Where do you think your pastor gets his toupee?” Ha ha. I wasn’t amused.

Actually, it really is funny. Toupee indeed!

It’s funny the things we do to hide our flaws. Hair color. Lifts in shoes. And many even go to the extreme of undergoing plastic surgery. All to hide the truth that we are aging.

I’ve thought about that incident since that day. I’m glad I still my hair. But what would I do if I lost it? To what extremes would I go to hide the truth? And not just with hair? How many times a day am I fake? What am I trying to keep secret from you?

The Bible tells us that God knows everything about us. There is nothing hidden from him. Psalm 44:21 says, “He knows the secrets of the heart.”

You and I might very well hide things from our bosses, our neighbors, our children, and even our spouses. But we can hide nothing from the Lord. That is a very sobering thought. He knows my heart.

I need to learn two lessons from this. First, I need to confess to God those sins about which he already knows. He already knows. I need to be honest with him. Second, I need to live in the power of the Spirit and avoid those sins. The Bible says that I have the power within me not to sin.

What are you hiding? Why don’t you confess it to the Lord? He already knows. There is freedom and power in confession. God is waiting to forgive. It’s up to you.

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