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Guest column: On Bryan County Family Connection
Carter Infinger
Carter Infinger is chairman of the Bryan County Commission.

By Carter Infinger, Chairman Bryan County Commission.

I always think about how generous people are during the holiday season and I’m incredibly thankful for that. Without those resources, many children and families would be hurting in what is supposed to be the happiest times of the year. However, those that receive those benefits are not only in need during the holidays, but all year long and managing it all can be a daunting task.

Executive Director Wendy Sims Futch of Bryan County Family Connection (BCFC) is an important person in directing those resources that generosity provides and is a member of the Bryan County Team. Wendy and her team are dedicated to the well-being of families, children, and communities in Bryan County. They are a collaborative under Georgia Family Connection, which advocates statewide to bolster and focus those resources.

Wendy’s key role is forming and maintaining partnerships with resource providers and then finding ways for those providers to engage with those in need. Wendy makes sure that BCFC participates in many family focused events such as National Night Out, Father/ Daughter Dances, Trunk or Treats, and summer camps to build awareness. Food, of course, is a basic need and BCFC regularly partners with Second Harvest and United Way for family food distribution. BCFC also provides grab and go meals each summer for Bryan County children ages 1-18. BCFC makes sure that other basic needs are met, as well, with back to school supplies, prom dresses, and additional educational opportunities. Life skills are often taught in classes organized by BCFC such as how to deal with debt or basic cooking and in a partnership with Bryan County Parks and Recreation, BCFC assists with registration fees and equipment costs. In addition to these local outreach efforts, BCFC lobbies for changes in state and local legislation that can help to stabilize families, communities, and help children succeed in school.

All of these programs are funded through grants, fundraising, and the generosity shown all year long from the community, but that funding doesn’t directly achieve anything without the efforts of Wendy Futch and BCFC. You can learn more about Bryan County Family Connection at bryan.gafcp. org, including how to volunteer and donate, because we’re all in this together.

It is a pleasure serving the citizens of Bryan County as chairman. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns or questions as we build a bright future for everyone.

Infinger is chairman of the Bryan County Commission.

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