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Great guests, great host, great time during Little League
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Let us be among those to offer congratulations to Columbus Northern, the 2012 Georgia Little League state champion in the 10/11 age group.

They are deserving champions and this is likely something those kids and their families will always remember. Richmond Hill and South Bryan County will always be a part of that memory.

Let’s also, however, congratulate all 10 state tournament teams — from Cartersville to Murphey Candler to Midway Heights to South Fulton to Martinez Evans to Warner Robins to Toccoa to Columbus Northern to Coastal Little League to Athens.

They gave this community several days of great baseball and, more importantly, a number of lessons in fun and good sportsmanship.
That’s part of what Little League is all about. It’s part of what all sports should be about — the ability to win with kindness and lose with grace.

There were a few hiccups in that regard as emotions got the better of some folks at times, but those times were so few and far between as to almost be unnoticeable.

The actions of the vast majority of coaches, players and fans made this tournament a pleasure to attend. In fact, it’s pretty easy to say that sportsmanship ruled the day — and the week — here.

Part of the credit for that should be given to those who put this tournament together and ran it, from South Bryan Recreation Director Kay Green and her staff to District 9 administrator Jonathan Haley and Coastal Little League president Lisa Harrison, and we’re probably going to leave someone who deserves credit out. It’s not intentional.

Special mention should go to Eric Gerber and Dan Goggins, who kept the fields in great shape, and scorekeepers Hunter Odom, Kim Bishie, Ashley Laurens and Kathy Korzik, who did much more than just keep the books.

What’s more, the umpiring was better than it will ever get credit for, as umpiring usually is, and the weather cooperated about as well as it will ever cooperate at this time of year. Community support also was instrumental in pulling this tournament off and should only grow from here as folks learn there is real value in putting out the welcome mat for sports teams.

At the end of the day, Georgia Little League was a great guest and we’d like to think this community was a great host.

Let’s hope we get to do it all again soon.

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