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God’s healing touch
pastor corner

Throughout the New Testament we can find many examples of physical healing taking place. A lot of the ministry of Jesus dealt with healing but also the ministry of the Apostles did as well. There are those who believe that miraculous healing stopped with the Apostles. I know personally several instances where Divine healing took place and I am confident that many of you reading this had similar experiences, possibly even being recipients of God’s healing touch.

There is one example that I wish to relay to you now. A few years ago I had a church member who had what was called “roaring of the ears”. She went through several surgeries on her ears over many years but the problem grew worse, to where she spent most her day in agony and the result was constant loud groaning. I would visit to pray with her and would leave feeling defeated. As a result, I prayed a prayer saying words like, “Lord I am willing to do almost anything if it will help her, even standing on my head praying backwards”. One Sunday in church we took a handkerchief and anointed it with oil as we prayed for her (she wasn’t there because she wasn’t able to go anywhere). Our plan was to present it to her at her house. On the way to her house I had to stop by a college campus where I just happened to see a Christian brother 

who was a Messianic Jew (A Jew that believes Jesus is the promised Messiah). I shared with him where I was heading and what I was going to do and he said this to me: “this is what you must do if you want to see this woman healed.

You need to take this anointed handkerchief and open it up and place it over her ear and blow through it. This is symbolic of the breath of the Holy Spirit”.

I left there sensing that this is what I should do but it was something that was out of my comfort zone. All of the way to this lady’s house I argued with the Lord, but He reminded me of the prayers that I had prayed out of frustration every time I felt defeated. When I went into the house to pray I decided that I must do as I felt to do. So after this lady and her husband closed their eyes I opened the handkerchief and blew through it as I prayed.

I left this handkerchief with her.

Her husband called me in a few days and said his wife had put this handkerchief under her pillow and had been miraculously healed. She was in church that next Sunday to the amazement of our congregation and was able for the first time in many years to live a normal life. By the way, several years later when she died of natural causes, we conducted her funeral.

Her husband said, “did you notice that the handkerchief was in her hand as she lay in the casket and, by the way, I saw what you did with that handkerchief the day you brought it and prayed for her”.

I do believe that our God has healed in the past, but I also believe He still is in the healing business.

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