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First Epistle of Peter, 5
pastor corner

Dr. Lawrence Butler

The Bridge Church, Pembroke

1. Believers should be honorable and holy. We should live as the people of God. Our lives should be our testimonies, and show forth praise to our divine deliverer (2:9,10). As Paul said to the Corinthians that they were his epistles, read and known by others, so are we the epistles of Christ.

2. Believers are pilgrims and strangers. As such, we should not give in to the desires of the flesh, but rather abstain from them (2:11).

3. Believers have civic and social duties. There are always people who are looking to criticize. Irreproachable conduct and obedience to the powers above can often defeat hostile criticism (2:12-15).

4. Believers must be good citizens (2:16,17).

5. Believers must fulfill their duties within the household of faith. a. Servants should be obedient and patient, willing to suffer wrongfully in order to please God (2:18-20) b. Consider Christ, the model sin-bearer and sufferer (2:21-25) c. Wives should be chaste, more concerned with spiritual graces than outward adorning (3:1-6) d. Husbands should be considerate of their wives (3:7) e. Toward everyone Christians should be compassionate, pitiful, courteous, and forgiving (3:8,9) f. Christians must remember that long life and answers to prayer are promised to those who bridle their tongues, forsake evil, do good, and live peaceably (3:10-12)

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