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A commitment to prayer
pastor corner

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Rome (Romans chapter 1) and reminded them that he consistently prayed for them. He felt a responsibility to bring their needs before a heavenly Father who was a prayer answering God. I do believe that God listened to Paul’s prayers and that needs were met because of them.

I had a mother-in-law, who was, what could be considered a prayer warrior.

She daily prayed for me and my ministry, for every family member, and for everyone that she knew of. She passed away this past summer and on the drive home from her funeral I started thinking about her prayer life and who I knew she prayed for. I made a commitment then that I would pray at least an hour every day, and included in my prayers were those I knew she prayed for.

Maybe she was the only person on earth that was praying for some of them, so I decided to pick up that responsibility.

I do believe that the devil fights and discourages prayer because he knows how powerful and affective it is. Prayer is hard work and daily I need to be reminded of my commitment. When we pray we are acknowledging our dependence on God and our inabilities as well. I encourage you to make prayer a priority in your life. Maybe there is someone that you could be praying for where you would be the only person on earth praying for them. Be committed because prayer works.

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