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We don't have to be alone
Military spouse
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Mapquest tells me that the distance from where I live now to the house that I’m moving to is 0.7 miles.
That’s 0.7 miles to move all of my belongings, including all of my husband’s “Army room” that seems to only grow in chaos each time I enter it.
That’s the longest 0.7 miles ever.
Just thinking that I had originally planned on moving all of this stuff back to Iowa makes me laugh at myself.
The task seems overwhelming enough as it is.
At first the prospect of moving everything myself was terrifying. The idea of moving into a house without having the other half here, the fear of mentally claiming the house as mine and not ours, was terrifying to me a couple of months ago. But after browsing around while he was back on R & R, and eventually signing a lease together, I feel more OK with the idea of setting up shop while he’s away.
It doesn’t hurt that I have the most incredible friends and family a woman in my position could ask for.
Upon first hearing about the upcoming move, my dad instantly responded with asking me the official move-in date so he could take the time off of work to come help move.
My closest friends are constantly reminding me that I’ll have their help, that I won’t have to do this alone. And what a relief that is!
I think my biggest flaw in taking on this challenge, or any challenge since deployment, is that I often think that doing something without my husband means doing it by myself, and that’s simply not the case.
We’re not alone even if our other halves are half way around the world serving our country.

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