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Break it down: Reasons to recycle
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Recycling is the process of taking a product at the end of its useful life and using all or part of it to make another product. Did you ever wonder what that little recycle symbol represents? The internationally recognized symbol for recycling includes three arrows moving in a triangle. Each arrow represents a different part of the recycling process, from collection to re-manufacture to resale.
But what does all this have to do with you? Why should you recycle? Well, recycling is a simple way that we, as consumers, can help out the environment, create a profitable market for recycled goods and help preserve natural resources from being depleted. Here are some benefits provided by the Georgia Recycling Coalition:
• Good for our economy: Manufacturing companies rely on recycling programs to provide the raw materials they need to make new products.

• Creates jobs: Recycling in the United States is a $236 billion a year industry. More than 56,000 recycling and reuse enterprises employ 1.1 million workers nationwide.
• Reduces waste: The average North American discards seven and a half pounds of garbage every day. Most of this garbage goes to landfills, where it’s compacted and buried.
• Good for the environment: Recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources and keeps waste from piling up in landfills.
• Saves energy: Recycling offers significant energy savings over manufacturing with virgin materials. (Manufacturing with recycled aluminum cans uses 95 percent less energy.)
• Preserves landfill space: No one wants to live next door to a landfill. Recycling preserves existing landfill space.
• Reduces carbon emissions: In 2000, recycling of solid waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tons of carbon equivalent into the air.
• Reduces water pollution: Making goods from recycled materials generates far less water pollution than manufacturing from virgin materials.
• Protects wildlife: Using recycled materials reduces the need to damage forests, wetlands, rivers and other places essential to wildlife.
• Creates new demand: Recycling and buying recycled products creates demand for more recycled products, decreasing waste and helping our economy
We will host our next quarterly Recycle It! Fair on from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, May 15, at the old hospital site in downtown Hinesville on Highway 84. This quarterly event is open to the public to bring in a variety of items for recycling: electronics, ink and toner cartridges, cell phones, household paint (in cans with no rust), household goods (in good condition), motor oil and antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs and CFLs, hardback books and gently used clothing. Thanks to our partners, Goodwill Industries and Coastal Auto and Recycling, for supporting this event each quarter. For more information, call KLCB at 880-4888 or e-mail
Another great event sponsored by The Heritage Bank is the community shredding day from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday, May 22. The drive-up event is for shredding paper only and will be in the downtown Hinesville bank’s parking lot. Community shredding day is free and open to the public. Be sure to thank the folks at The Heritage Bank for this needed service. For more information, call 408-3780.
Upcoming KLCB events:
• May 15, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: More clean-up events are being scheduled. Call 880-4888 to set up yours.
• May 15, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.: Recycle it! Fair for electronics and HHW items.
• May 22, 10 a.m.-noon: Community shredding day sponsored by The Heritage Bank in downtown Hinesville. Paper-only shredding is free to the public.

For more information, call 880-4888 or e-mail

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