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A thief among the dead
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Dear Editor:


Please advise everyone in Richmond Hill, there is a thief among the dead. My father, Kermit Davis, passed away last year. He is buried in Richmond Hill First Baptist Church Cemetery. Since his death, my mother and I cannot keep flowers on his headstone.

My mother purchased a very nice and expensive over-the-headstone silk arrangement for their anniversary, which was Nov. 22. After a few months, this arrangement was stolen. Again, we purchased another beautiful arrangement for spring time and now this one has also disappeared.

When a person cannot place flowers on a family member’s grave out of love and respect, it is a shame and disgrace that some person feels the need to steal them. We live in a society that no longer has any respect for the dead. May God help these thieves, because they will one day reap what they sow. It has to be a low life person who would steal from a cemetery. I have heard of this happening in larger cities, but this type of thing I would never imagine happening in a place like Richmond Hill.

I now see why so many people either place very inexpensive flowers or none at all on their loved one’s grave, because the nicer ones will not remain. Now, Mother and I will be among those who must have already experienced this and we, too, will have to purchase cheap arrangements.



Carolyn Davis Page



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