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Victims mother dies
Police say Nov. 10 murder is still under investigation
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Margaret Bacon will never see her son’s killer brought to justice, her family said.

Bacon, mother of Pembroke murder victim James Young, passed away Monday at Candler Hospital after suffering from multiple ailments, according to niece Alice Jenkins, who grew up in Pembroke.

Young’s fiancee, Mary Roberts, said Bacon never got past her son’s death.

"He was her life, and she just couldn’t get over it," Roberts said.

Roberts still does not know what exactly happened to her fiancee of four months, whom she was supposed to marry Nov. 14.

Young was found dead in his home on Nov. 10 after a welfare check was requested at his residence. Pembroke police found his body around 7 a.m. The GBI was immediately brought into the investigation and ssy it’s a homicide.

According to Special Agent in charge Charles Sullenger, the GBI is still actively involved in hunting Young’s alleged killer, though still unable to release information about the investigation.

Roberts said the authorities are telling her nothing either.

"They tell me they can’t leak any information," she said.

Sullenger said it will be a while before they can release anything because they are following every lead to its end.

"Whether it takes 10 minutes or 10 years, we are following every lead, and each lead can take us in a different direction. Following a lead takes time," he said.

He said it would take a while to get the answers.

Jenkins said she believes the authorities are doing everything they can to find who killed her cousin.

"I don’t think they are giving up," she said. "This is a sad thing that happened in this small town where I grew up, and one day, the person who did this will make a mistake, and the police will get them if it takes two months or six years."

Jenkins said a lot of people want to know what happened.

"It was a shock to my heart to hear something like that happening right here. That kind of thing goes on in big cities, not small towns like ours," she said.

Roberts said she still misses Young and is trying to wait patiently for answers about his death.

"I want to know. I miss him. I can hardly sleep at night thinking the person is out there," she said.

Anyone with any information regarding the investigation should contact the GBI at (912) 871-1121 or Pembroke Police Department at 653-4414.

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