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Bryan ranks high in insurance study
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Bryan County ranks as one of the most insured places in Georgia, according to SmartAsset’s third annual insurance study.

The study compares coverage rates across all counties for life, health and auto insurance to see where citizens are most insured.

SmartAsset looked at data on auto, health and life insurance and ranked each city and county based on the population coverage rates across the three forms of insurance – areas with higher rates ranked higher. An average ranking was calculated, giving equal weight to the three types of insurance. The areas with the lowest average ranking are the most insured.

Bryan County’s average ranking came to 70.27, with 88.48 percent of residents carrying auto insurance, 87.8 percent carrying health insurance and 57.91 percent carrying life insurance.

The top four Georgia counties for insurance coverage were Oconee, Lee, Columbia and Fayette

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