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South Bryan hit by thieves
Authorities say some 50 cars have been entered illegally in recent weeks
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Nearly 50 automobiles have been broken into throughout South Bryan County over the last six weeks, according to authorities.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Department Det. Mickey Sands said "very few neighborhoods (in South Bryan) have been excluded from this."

Prior to the most recent sprees, the city of Richmond Hill was being hit hard, including an 18-car spree on Rushing Street. Juveniles were arrested for that spree in a case that spurred stricter enforcement of the city’s curfew ordinance.

The county does not have a curfew ordinance, but Sands spoke of how this type of crime traditionally kicks up during the summer months when kids are out of school. He said he is following some strong leads and each entering auto case is currently under investigation.

Richmond Hill Police Department Major Mike Albritton said his department is assisting the county in their investigation. He also said activity is ongoing within city limits, but "seems to have shifted to the county for the most part. We’ve gone from averaging 8-10 in the city a day to two or three."

Sands said every car that was hit recently was unlocked. He said every county resident should be on guard and advises the following:

- lock your vehicle while unattended and keep valuables out of plain sight

- leave outside lights on overnight at your residence

- report any suspected activity in your neighborhood, such as slow moving vehicles with their headlights turned off

- report any information on recent entering auto activity to Sands at 756-7952.

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