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Richmond Hill twins put Haiti before birthday presents

While organizing a home birthday party for her 8-year-old twins, Richmond Hill parent Jennifer Stigall asked them what they wanted for their birthday.

Their response was a surprise.

Instead of presents, siblings Katherine and Garrett Stigall decided to ask their guests to bring donations for Haiti relief.

"We’ve been watching stuff about Haiti on TV," Katherine said. "Me and my brother both thought about it and just decided that they need the money more than we need toys."

About 20 children attended the party and more than $200 was raised. The Stigall children presented a check to the Red Cross Friday in Savannah.

"I’m amazed at their generosity," said Tina Hardy with the Red Cross. "It’s just amazing that someone at such a young age would do something that selfless. Let this be an example to us all."

Jennifer Stigall said she recently watched a 20/20 special about Haiti with her kids and could tell that it made an impact on them. Still, she was surprised by the gesture.

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