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RHPD reports: Naked, disoriented woman at hotel sent for evaluation
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record: Officers were dispatched on Dec. 5 to Holiday Inn Express, where a woman had been walking around the property, inside and outdoors, naked.

Hotel staff told officers they were able to get the woman back to her room but were only able to find her bra along the way. Officers visited the room and the woman, who appeared disoriented, told them she was having hallucinations. She said she was on medication that was in her car, and that a family member was on the way and she would be fine. She asked the officers if they could wait outside the room since she had no clothes, to which they agreed so long as the door stayed open.

However the woman forced the door closed behind the officers and engaged the safety latch. Officers repeatedly asked the woman to open the door, but she eventually stopped responding. Considering the lack of information the woman could give, her disorientation and their concern for her mental stability, the officers entered the room by force after giving several warnings prior. The woman was found in the bed awake, though she would not speak to the officers. After more back and forth with a few bursts of screaming, the woman was put in an ambulance and taken to a hospital in Savannah.

Possession of marijuana: An officer patrolling Highway 25 on Dec. 1 attempted pull over a pickup truck traveling with a headlight out around 1:45 a.m. As the officer turned around to follow the truck, the truck turned east on Highway 144. But when the officer turned on to 144, the truck was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, the officer spotted the truck with its lights off in the Sumo Restaurant parking lot. The officer watched as the truck’s lights came back on before it headed west on 144. The officer turned around and caught up to the truck as it abruptly got into the turn lane to head south on 25. A traffic stop was initiated at the El Cheapo parking lot, where the driver said he was heading back to college in the direction of Savannah. The report continues: “I noticed immediately that (he) was breathing fast and appeared very nervous. I could smell a very strong odor of marijuana coming from within the truck …” The driver was arrested after officers found less than an ounce of marijuana and a pipe in a backpack in the backseat of the truck.

Possession of marijuana: On Dec. 1, officers pulled a Jeep over in the Advanced Auto Parts parking lot on Highway 17 for having inoperable tag lights. The driver did not have his license and officers could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver was asked to stand at the rear of the Jeep. He admitted to a marijuana roach in the vehicle when officers asked about the smell, but denied having any marijuana on him otherwise. So officers was going to pat him down: “As (he) turned around it was clear to me that he had placed contraband in his anus,” the officer reported. “His buttocks were clinched tightly and he started to place a drink he was holding on the ground, but then hesitated as he began to bend, then quickly placed the drink on the roof of his car During the search, the driver’s behavior became erratic, so officers placed him in handcuffs. Officers found the roach and rolling papers in the car and placed the driver under arrest. “… After a brief discussion explaining that I would not be retrieving the evidence from his rear, (the driver) agreed to dislodge it,” the report states. “(He) lunged from side to side until 15.8 grams of marijuana dislodged from his anus and fell to the ground. The evidence was very carefully recovered.”

Possession of a controlled substance/ Unlawful possession of a firearm: Police pulled over a Kia on Highway 17 on Dec. 1 for having a tag light out. When the officer ran the vehicle tags, it showed registration was suspended and an unknown insurance status. While speaking with the passenger, the officer could smell marijuana and noticed the driver was extremely nervous.

After getting a conflicting story about where they were headed, the driver was asked to exit the vehicle.

“I then challenged the credibility of (the driver’s) story,” the report states. “He became argumentative and accused me of harassing him.” The driver was handcuffed due to his increasing agitation, and the passenger, who was on the phone with who officers thought was an insurance company, was asked to exit the vehicle.

“It was apparent to me that she was calling third parties and advising them of our location. I gave her multiple instructions to get off the phone and she refused. She was then placed in handcuffs. Both parties on multiple occasions state they didn’t understand what was going on. I tried multiple times to explain to them but they both chose to speak over me in an attempt to control the conversation. I then advised them I would be searching the care due to the odor of marijuana. As I approached the car, (the driver) called out to me, telling me the marijuana was in his pocket. This led me to believe there was something in the vehicle that he did not wish for me to locate.”

Officers found an open Hennessey bottle in the floorboard of the front passenger seat and a loaded Glock 21 pistol with an extended magazine under a jacket in the backseat. The driver said the gun was not stolen and that he did not have a weapons permit. Both individuals were arrested and an 4 grams of marijuana was found on the driver. Later at the jail, five ecstasy pills were also found on the driver.

Matter of record: Police responded to a home on Parker’s Lane around 3 a.m. Dec. 1, where a man said his sports car had been egged. The man told officers he and his father noticed egg splattered in the driveway, then found one unbroken in the yard and another that had struck the man’s car on the rear rim. Officers found more eggs along the street but not the offenders.

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