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RHPD reports: Man gets foot run over while crossing street
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Hit and run: A man reported Jan. 29 his foot was run over by a car while he was crossing Exchange Street near Kroger.

The man said it happened around 11:30 a.m. as he entered the crosswalk “when a red in color sedan had went around him and proceeded to turn right when the rear tire of the vehicle ran over his right foot.”

The man said he didn’t think the “driver of the vehicle had ran his foot over on purpose, however, the driver of the vehicle didn’t make any attempt to stop.”

Witnesses gave police the vehicle’s color and a driver description, and said “the driver made no attempt to stop and … may have even sped off.”

Bryan County EMS and Richmond Hill Fire Department personnel responded as well to check on the man, who refused transportation to the hospital. Officers checked with Kroger to see if there was video of the incident, but there wasn’t any.

The man got a case number.

Disorderly conduct: An officer sent to the intersection of Highway 17 and Highway 144 around noon on Jan. 29 for a two-car collision was soon told it was a three car collision, then found when he got there the wreck had actually happened at Highway 17 and Mulberry Drive.

Two of the drivers were there, and a third had taken off. All three were women.

The first woman to talk to the officer said she got rear-ended, and“ this caused her vehicle to strike the rear end of the vehicle in front of her.”

That caused the driver of that car, who we’re calling the third woman, to get out and start “yelling and cursing at her,” until the first woman pointed to the “vehicle behind her,’ which is when the second woman “came up and stated it was her fault.”

This caused the third woman to begin “yelling and cursing at (the second woman).”

The first woman told RHPD “at one point, (the third woman) then assaulted (the second woman) by striking her. She (the first woman) was able to provide a picture from her cell phone of (the third and second woman) engaged in a physical altercation. The faces couldn’t be distinguished, but it does show to individuals engaged in a physical altercation.”

The second woman gave much the same story and said the third woman “punched her in the face,” though the officer reported he couldn’t see any marks.

One of the women got a photo of the third woman’s tag, and a check identified the third woman.

The officer was unable to reach her but noted “further attempts to make contact with (her) will be made.”

Matter of record: Firefighters were sent Jan. 29 to a report of a fire near Sterling Creek Bridge on Highway 144, and then called for RHPD because they found a man by the fire.

The officer who responded talked to the man, who said “he had started the small fire as he said he was cold,” and “advised he is homeless and is from the Tampa area.”

The man also said “he would like to get to Savannah to go to the Salvation Army so he could eventually get back home to Tampa.”

The officer then gave the man a “courtesy ride to the Walmart on Ogeechee Road, which he agreed with.”

The officer also noted in his narrative that RHPD had had dealings with the man before, including calls in which he was in a convenience store parking lot blocking traffic, “another was he either dug a shallow grave-like structure behind Enmark or stumbled upon one, and another was he was standing on the curb nearest the road,” the report said.

The officer also stated “while in contact with (the man), he was not a harm to himself or others. He was also polite when speaking to him. However, I was briefed that he talked to himself. While I was transporting himself to Walmart, I quickly found out that he indeed talked to himself. While talking to himself, he began to speak in different voices as well (three others than himself).”

The officer ended his report with this. “Hopefully, (the man) can get to the Salvation Army where he can get the help he is seeking.

Hit and run: An officer was flagged down in the Food Lion parking lot around 11 a.m. Feb. 2 by a man who said he was backing out of his parking spot when a pickup “came from an unknown direction and struck the left rear bumper causing functional damage.”

The man said “a white male with red hair and a mechanic’s jacket got out of the truck and looked at the damage. The male then began to get irate and cuss at (the complainant) before getting back into his vehicle and driving off.”

The man had no further description of the man or his pickup. The officer searched for a security camera in the area to see if he could find footage but was unsuccessful. The man got a case number.

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