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RHPD reports: Man calls cops after hamburger with mayo left at his door
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Matter of record: An officer was sent June 11 to a local motel regarding a Florida man “wanting to file a report about someone leaving a hamburger outside his hotel room door.” Here it is.

“According to Bryan County 911, (the complainant) advised them when he picked up the hamburger, he got mayo on his hands and wanted a report. Upon our arrival, we began speaking to (the complainant). (He) he picked up a hamburger from in front of his hotel room door and got mayo on his hand. (He) said he wasn’t thinking and did not wash his hands until about 10 minutes later.

(He) said he placed the hamburger in his trash bag, made contact with his hotel management, and gave them his trash bag to be properly disposed of. (He) expressed his concern with getting mayo on his hands and the possibility of contracting something from it. (He) said according to his television and someone named “Como” that he needed to report the incident in case he becomes sick in a week.

(He) was also advised not to call 911 unless it was a true emergency. (He) was apologetic but felt him touching the mayo was an emergency. (He) wanted to document the incident.

Therefore, he was given a business card with a case report number and briefed on how to obtain a copy of the report.”

Matter of record: A Florida man was charged June 12 with criminal trespass, public drunk and disorderly conduct after he smashed a computer monitor at the Quality Inn on Highway 17 and tore down the plexiglass barrier at the front desk.

He was in a room when police got there and denied doing anything, but video showed him “clearly reaching over the counter and smashing a computer monitor and knocking another one over. (He) also pulled down the piece of plexiglass from over the counter.”

The man also was described “as extremely intoxicated and could hardly stand up.”

Disorderly conduct: An officer was sent to a local dentist’s office June 6 because a patient “came in for a dental checkup,” and was asked to “pay for her existing overdue balance before the dentist would see her.” A dentist office staff member said the patient began arguing with other staff members, then “started using profane language and began yelling at other patients while telling them the dentist office was a scam.

(Staff member) said (the woman) retrieved her debit/credit card and threw it at her, striking her in her shirt below her neck. (Staff member) said she was not injured.”

When the staff member said she was calling the cops, the patient and her husband left. Staff members just wanted to document the incident and were told to call back if the patient returned.

Shoplifting: Police were called twice to gas stations at the I-95 exit at Highway 17 on June 6, where a woman who took things like “hats, watches, candy and a pair of sunglasses,” as well as stuffed animals and wallets was charged with shoplifting. The woman, who gave a local motel as an address, was “unsteady on her feet,” and “looked to be under the influence,” to the point EMS was called to check her out and she told them “she had snorted crushed ibuprofen.” She was charged with public drunkenness.

Matter of record: An officer was flagged down by customers at a Highway 17 convenience store June 11 due to “disgruntled customers.”

A manager pointed them out, and one was “highly upset and using profanity towards (the manager) in a loud voice.” The officer got her to calm down and was able to learn from the manager that “incident erupted due to (the store) not accepting EBT cards, which was to be used to purchase fountain drinks.” The drinks the woman and another woman made were put into the trash and the women were told they’d have to pay for them. “Word’s were exchanged and that’s when I was notified,” the officer reported, noting the two women paid for the cups and were given criminal trespass notices. Matter of record: A man reported June 11 he’d gotten 17 call spam phone calls in a two-hour period. The man said nine of the calls came were from toll free numbers, seven were from Ohio and one was from Michigan.

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