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RHPD reports: Driver backs into officer's car on traffic stop
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports: 

Traffic violations: An officer patrolling Highway 17 near Harris Trail around 9:20 p.m. March 8 saw a car without a headlight. He pulled the car over on 17 just past Harris Trail and noticed it also didn’t have a tag, either. 

What’s more, while the officer was on the radio he “noticed the reverse lights come on and the vehicle backed into (his) patrol car,” the report said, adding that the officer relayed that information to dispatch as well – and a Georgia State Patrol trooper was sent to handle the accident report, standard procedure in such incidents.

 While the trooper was conducting his investigation, the officer met with the driver, who “advised that she purchased the vehicle in May 2020 and she has not registered it yet … due to it not working but she has been driving it for the last month.”

She was cited for driving an unregistered vehicle and a warning for her headlight not working and given a court date.

Matter of record: An officer was sent to a Waybridge Way address around 7 p.m. March 8 “in reference to a juvenile shooting other juveniles with an Air Soft gun.”

The complainant said her daughter was outside earlier when she was shot by another juvenile on her right forearm. “ There was not a welt or any visible redness,” but “Complainant wanted the incident documented to have a paper trail started.”

The officer then went to meet with the parents of the other kid, who knew they the officer was there. The report said the other kid “understood why he can’t go around shooting other juveniles with an Air Soft Gun,” and the boy’s parents said they’d handle the discipline.

The officer also explained it was illegal to fire any kind of weapon inside city limits.

Theft of lost property: A man reported March 12 his backpack was stolen on Highway 144 when it fell off the back of his work truck. The man said witnesses “informed him that a car stopped and picked up the bag.” The man said he works on a construction crew at night and was getting on I-95 at exit 90 when the bag fell off his truck.

Inside the man’s backpack was a Taurus 9 millimeter handgun, a Sony tablet, keys and medications. He estimated the loss at $650. He had the weapon serial number and gave it to police.

Matter of record: A maintenance man at a Highway 17 motel reported March 11 he saw two males walk from the parking lot into the woods, then heard three or four gunshots, and then saw only one of the males return, walking quickly. He gave police the room number he thought they were staying at.

Police then “conducted a lengthy canvass of the wooded area behind the hotel, but did not discover anything of evidentiary value,” the report said.

Police then talked to the owner, who showed them video from security cameras. It showed two young males leave a room in which it appeared a family was staying and walk towards the woods. Then, one of the males turned back and went back to the room. The other kept going, but returned a few minutes later. The family later checks out of the room and leaves. “No evidenced of discharging a firearm was discovered,” and police didn’t see any evidence of a crime on the video.

Suspended license: A RHPD detective was headed east on 144 around 1 p.m. March 10 near Kroger when the car in front of him started weaving. The detective pulled up alongside and saw “she had a cell phone on her lap and appeared to be reading a text,” so the detective got back behind her and pulled her over.

She reportedly admitted to reading a text from her daughter. The detective had her tag number run and found that while the car was insured, etc., the woman’s license had been suspended for failure to appear in court. She was cited, and a friend was called to give her a ride. The car was left at a drug store parking lot until someone could come pick it up.

Meth possession: Authorities were called to a highway 17 campground around 4:13 a.m. March 10 regarding a woman who was acting weird in the shower. The complainant, a guest, said the woman was acting strangely and there was a man parked outside the shower in an older model SUV.

Officers found the man, and the woman, and another man and learned they weren’t staying at the campground. Drugs were found on the woman and the men, and they were all charged.

The woman was taken to jail. The men were charged but allowed to leave.

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