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RHPD blotter: Man attacks RR crossing arm
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Disorderly conduct: Police were sent to the train tracks by City Hall around 7:15 p.m. July 24 regarding a man “in the middle of the roadway throwing items at vehicles and the passing by train.”

As police arrived, the caller said the man “was now attempting to damage the rail road crossing arms as the train was crossing,” and then “was now trying to break the crossing arms itself.”

Police found the man “in the middle of the roadway with all of his items thrown all over the roadway,” and when he saw officers he “attempted to pick up his belongings and walk away.”

He was taken to jail this time.

Earlier, the same man was involved in an incident in which police were sent to a convenience store because he went into the store, left a 12-ounce Starbucks Nitro in the cooler, swapping it for a 9.5 ounce Starbucks Mocha, then walked out of the store.

Disorderly conduct, etc: Police were sent to the Navy Federal Credit Union parking lot around 9:18 a.m. July 30 regarding a man “taking his closes off and ‘acting strange.’” He was setting in a red sedan.

The officer said when he got there he saw the man jumping around and yelling inside the car, and spoke with him. “He stated he was relieved that he could fix his phone issue, saying the phones were through Verizon and could not connect to a tower,” and the officer noted the man “was clothed, however, he had jeans on previously and now is in his gym shorts.”

More police arrived. The man gave the reporting officer his driver’s license, which came back suspended for child support obligations.

He then reportedly yelled at police and balled up his fists, etc. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, etc.

Matter of record: A Mainstreet woman reported July 24 someone left a suspicious package on her doorstep. The woman said “for several years now, she has been the target of random harassment in the neighborhood,” and “indicated that people have poisoned small portions of her grass, sprayed toxins on her bushes and manipulated the security cameras around her house – of which there are many,” according to the report.

As for the incident on July 24, the woman said “someone came onto her property and left a plastic bag on her door step with a hand written note that stated ‘this stinky food is for you.’” “She indicated the smell from the bag was rancid and there were flies around the bag. The bag and its contents were thrown into her trash can.”

The officer took a look, and “noticed it contained what appeared to be several food containers and a hand written note. The note did not say, ‘this stinky bag is for you,’ as (the woman) claimed, but rather was a partial list of the food items in the bag.”

The complainant showed the officer security video showing a silver SUV pull up into her driveway, a person gets out, examines the bag, puts it on her doorstep, rings the doorbell and leaves. The officer told the woman “it appeared this was merely a Door-Dash food delivery driver who delivered food to the wrong house.”

The woman “was still skeptical,” and took a look at the bag. “She removed the bag, placed it on her grass and then began chopping the bag to pieces using a machete made in Grenada. Once she noticed it was in fact food and not some harmful substance, she agreed that it was probably a mistake. However, she still wanted the incident documented,” the report said.

She got a case number.

Matter of record: A Blue Oak Drive man reported at 3:30 a.m. July 28 that “He heard a female voice saying that they were going to cut the wires to his camera system. This unknown female was also calling the name of John, repeatedly, according to (the complainant),” a report said.

The man told police he’d just put a camera on his residence and then, “head his car door open and close, and as he went to check his vehicle, he observed someone dressed in all black running down the street.”

Nothing was taken or damaged, the report said, and police looked around but “did not locate any persons or persons in the area that were dressed in all black clothing.” The man got a case number.

Wanted person: A Savannah man was arrested around 4 a.m. July 26 after an officer spotted a suspicious vehicle parked on Harris Trail during “peak hours for entering autos.” The officer ran the tag number of the vehicle and learned “the registered owner had active warrants out of Savannah … (that were) serious in nature with the first being for aggravated assault with intent to rob and the second being for false imprisonment.”

The officer went to the vehicle and asked the man why he was there and got his license, which confirmed for the officer it was the man wanted in Savannah. Backup arrived, the man was arrested and taken to the Kings Ferry boat ramp where he was picked up by Savannah police.” His car on Harris Trail was towed.

Public intoxication: Police were called to an Osprey Drive address shortly before midnight July 26 where a man was trying to break into a house.

An officer reported he found a man who matched the description of the intruder standing in the doorway.

“I made my way up to the door and stood behind the male about 30 seconds and just watched the male trying to insert his key into the door,” the officer reported, adding the man didn’t know the officer was there. “I finally asked the male what he was doing and he said he lived there.”

The officer asked the man his address and was given the number to another home. What’s more, the man “had very slurred speech, bloodshot watery eyes and he was unstead on his feet,” the report said, adding that when the officer asked for the man for his driver’s license he instead “handed me a debit card four different times instead of his driver’s license.”

The man said he’d walked home from a bar, and the officer was about to take him home when he was told by a witness that the “man drove up and parked in (a nearby yard).”

The person who lives in that house told police she woke up and heard her dog barking and got up “to see the male was trying to open her door,” the report continued.

“(She) told the male she was calling the cops and the male went to 3 other residences before we arrived,” the officer noted.

The man said he didn’t know how his truck got into the yard and so a wrecker was called and the man was arrested for public intoxication and taken to jail.

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