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The quick tale of Dodge, the dog that got hit by a Dodge
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Here’s one for the books.

On 6:15 a.m. Nov. 14, Bryan County 911 sent Deputy John Durden and a Corporal McLamb to McAllister Elementary regarding a woman hitting a dog with her car early that morning, and dispatchers added “that the dog was stuck in the front grill of (the woman’s) Blue Charger.”

The deputies arrived and saw “a small white/tan in color dog stuck in the plastic grill guard of the Charger,” the report continued. “The dog was alert and did not appear to have any open injuries. (The woman) said she was traveling to work (at McAllister) on Belfast River Road, when she observed two dogs in the middle of her lane of travel.”

The woman told deputies she didn’t want to swerve so she hit the dog, and she also didn’t stop “because of the dark area she was in,” so she went on to school and “found the dog was stuck in the front plastic grill.”

Durden asked for permission to take the dog out of the grill and asked that the woman not hold the deputies or Bryan County liable for any damage to her vehicle. She agreed, the report said, and the two deputies began trying to free the dog.

It apparently didn’t work, because “due to the circumstances, I requested for Animal Control to respond,” the deputy reported, and when they got there they got the dog out. He added that the two deputies “did only minor damage to the front plastic grill of the vehicle. The dog was turned over to animal control.”

The woman was given a case number.

As for the report, by Deputy Durden, it ended with him noting:

“Prior to completing this report, I went to the Bryan County Animal Control Facility to check on the dog’s well being. The dog was alert and walking around. I spoke to the animal control personnel about the condition of the dog, who has been named ‘Dodge.’ Animal Control said they would take ‘Dodge,’ to the local vet to check for injuries as a precautionary measure.”


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