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Suspected roadside beggar arrested
Recent crime reports

Recent crime reports filed with the Bryan County Sheriff and Richmond Hill Police departments include:

Sept. 2

Property damage — An Ellabell man reported that someone punctured the two rear tires on his and his wife’s cars, which were parked at their home on Mack English Road.

The man said his landlord recently had tried to give him a 30-day eviction notice so the landlord could move back into the house because of financial issues, but was unable to because the tenant has not violated his one-year lease. The man alleged that the landlord became angry that he couldn’t force the renter to move out and has since made threats, the report states.

Sept. 1
Threats — A Richmond Hill man reported receiving threats from a woman with whom he had recently ended a romantic relationship.

The man said his ex-girlfriend, who lives in South Carolina, sent messages threatening to harm him, including that “she was going to beat his face in with golf clubs,” according to the report.

Dog attack — A Pembroke woman reported that her two pit bull terriers attacked her other dog, resulting in one dog being killed and the other two being taken by Animal Control.

The woman said she went into the dogs’ fenced-in area at her Sims Road home to try to stop the attack, but one of the pit bulls charged at her and knocked her down. She used a yard tool to fend off the dog, and her brother shot and killed the animal, according to the report.

The woman surrendered the other pit bull and the badly injured dog that had been attacked to Animal Control so they could be put down. She said she no longer wanted the pit bull because it might harm the small child living at the house, and Animal Control tranquilized the aggressive dog before taking it away.

Aug. 29

Suspended license — A Jacksonville man was arrested for driving without a license after being clocked driving 94 mph on Interstate 95 in a rental car.

The man said he had just gotten off a boat and was returning home to Florida, according to the report. An RHPD officer read the rental agreement, which reportedly said the car was to be rented for 24 hours in Charleston, South Carolina, and be returned there.

A check of the man’s information showed his Florida driver’s license was suspended. The man told the officer his plan was to leave Florida in two days and return to Charleston, the report states.

Aug. 28

Public drunkenness — A Richmond Hill man was arrested for public drunkenness after an officer saw him obstructing traffic at Highway 17 and the Interstate 95 off-ramp.

The man was dressed all in black, carrying a sign and pressing the crosswalk button in an apparent attempt to have more time to talk with the drivers he was approaching, the report states. He was unsteady and had a strong odor or alcohol, according to the officer.

The man reportedly refused to submit to a breath test, saying he “believed he was well over 0.2” (percent blood alcohol content, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent). He added that he previously had been banned from the city of Richmond Hill under similar circumstances.

Aug. 27

Property damage — A Tybee Island man reported that his rental property on Golden Way in Richmond Hill was damaged after he evicted the tenants.

The flooring, doors, walls and baseboards were damaged in nearly every room of the house and the oven door also needed repairs, according to the report. The man forwarded the report to his attorney to try to recoup the repair costs from the former tenants.

Aug. 26

Marijuana possession, evidence tampering — A Hinesville man stopped for speeding on Highway 17 was found with marijuana in his car — and in his mouth.

The driver had suspected marijuana “all over his pants,” according to the report. He also reportedly had a “strong odor” of marijuana when he spoke, so the RHPD officer asked him to open his mouth.

The man had suspected marijuana on the sides and roof of his mouth, the report states. The officer also found suspected marijuana on the driver’s seat and floorboards of the car.

Found property — A few bullets were found in a bag on items donated to Goodwill in Richmond Hill.

The bullets were one 20-gauge shotgun round, one .30-.30 rifle round and two .22-caliber bullets, according to the report. The store could not accept the bullets, per Goodwill policy, and turned them over to the RHPD to be destroyed.

Aug. 24

Hit-and-run — A Richmond Hill man reported that another driver left the scene after hitting his car on the exit 87 off-ramp at Interstate 95 and Highway 17.

The man said he was waiting at the traffic light to turn onto Highway 17 and he felt the car behind him hit his 2015 Toyota Camry. The alleged hit-and-run driver made a U-turn and got back onto I-95 southbound, according to the report.

The Camry driver described the other car as a newer-model, white Chrysler 300 with 20-inch rims, but he was unable to see its tag number. The collision caused a large dent and several scratches on the rear driver’s side of the Toyota, the report states.

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