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Pembroke woman assaulted, robbed at gunpoint
bryan county sheriff even larger

A Pembroke woman was assaulted at gunpoint and her grandmother was robbed after two males entered their residence on Highway 119 Tuesday night, according to a Bryan County Sheriff’s Office report.

The woman told deputies she had gone to bed and heard someone enter the residence through the unlocked front door. The report said the woman assumed it was a friend, but when she got out of bed and reached the doorway she was confronted by two men wearing black masks and dark clothing. She told deputies one of the suspects put a silver handgun against her head and hit her with it while the other suspect attacked her with his fists. She sustained several small cuts and a laceration on her forehead.

The woman told deputies the man holding the gun also fired it into her bedroom, which she said she thinks he did to prove it was real, although deputies reported they were unable to find a bullet hole or shell casing in the room.

Deputies reported that the men then forced the woman to her grandmother’s bedroom and demanded she open the grandmother’s safe. The younger woman said the men put the gun against her grandmother’s head while she gave them $400 from the safe.

Deputies say the men must have been familiar with the victims and the layout of the house as knew where the women’s bedrooms were and that the grandmother had a safe with money in it. Deputies also said the men entered the residence despite the fact several dogs of varying sizes were inside.

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