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Ogeechee River open for now in Bryan County
Dead fish found in Bulloch
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While people are being warned to stay out of the Ogeechee River in other counties due to dead fish being found, in Bryan County, the waters appear to be safe.

Bryan County Emergency Services Director William Collins said Friday morning that he had not seen nor heard any reports of dead fish in the river locally.

"Since I found out about (the dead fish), I've been checking the river twice a day," Collins said. "And I'll be doing that throughout the weekend."

Ogeechee River landings in Bulloch County are closed for fishing and swimming until further notice. But the waters are open in Bryan - at least for now.

Collins noted he would be in contact with state officials throughout the day regarding the water quality of the river in the area.

But in the meantime, "I would err on the side of caution," he said of anyone considering going in or fishing from the Ogeechee.

Collins said if anyone notices dead fish in the river, they should call 756-2181 to report what they've seen.

Read more about the current situation in the Ogeechee River in Saturday's Bryan County News.

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