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Daughter-in-law harasses woman
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

July 6
DUI — A Florida man clocked driving 93 mph on Interstate 95 was arrested for driving under the influence. The man had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol, according to the report. He denied having drunk any alcohol and refused to give a breath sample or perform field sobriety tests.

July 5
Wanted man — An RHPD officer patrolling the Richmond Heights subdivision noticed a familiar car parked at a home and wound up arresting a man wanted on a theft charge.

The officer recognized the car as belonging to a man who had failed to appear in court on a citation for driving without insurance, the report states. A check of the man’s information showed he was wanted in Hinesville for theft by conversion.

The theft was of a washer and dryer from a rent-to-own store, and the man acknowledged to the officer that he had a washer and dryer from Rent-A-Center. He showed the officer the appliances and was taken into custody.

Suspended license — A Midway man was arrested for driving with a suspended license for the third time.

An RHPD officer saw a pickup stopped in the middle of an intersection, preventing other vehicles from turning onto Interstate 95 from Highway 17. The driver eventually made a U-turn and was pulled over by the officer, according to the report.

The officer recognized the man from his previous arrests for driving on a suspended license. A check of his information showed it again was suspended.

July 4
Shoplifting — Two Savannah women were arrested for stealing clothes from two Richmond Hill stores.

Surveillance video at Dollar General showed one of the women handing clothes to the other woman, who then stuffed the items into her purse. About 20 minutes later, the same women were spotted at Family Dollar.

One woman had a tube top from Family Dollar in her purse, and clothing they had stolen from Dollar General was in plain view in their car, according to the report. The women were issued warnings banning them for life from any Dollar General or Family Dollar.

Drug possession — A Jesup man was arrested on drug charges following a complaint of someone selling drugs at the Motel 6 in Richmond Hill.

RHPD officers questioned a man whose physical appearance and car matched the description given by the 911 caller, but he denied selling drugs. A check of the man’s ID turned up warrants for his arrest, according to the report.

The man had in his pockets a pipe and prescription pills identified as Schedule II drugs, the report states. He also had cash in $10 and
$20 denominations.

July 3
Marijuana possession, suspended license — A Richmond Hill man was arrested for marijuana possession after being pulled over for having a suspended driver’s license.

An RHPD officer smelled marijuana in the car and the driver consented to a search, according to the report. A plastic bag of less than one ounce of marijuana was found in the car, as was a 9 mm gun with an extended magazine.

Two small children were passengers in the car, the report states. The driver arranged for someone to pick them up before he was taken to jail.

June 30
Harassment — A Richmond Hill woman reported receiving harassing phone calls from her daughter-in-law.

The woman told the BCSO that she had given information to police that led to her daughter-in-law’s arrest. She said the daughter-in-law “has been taking pills and doing obscene acts with men in front of her grandchildren,” according to the report.

The daughter-in-law responded by calling the woman and saying she knew who turned her in and making threats to “damage her car” and “get even with her,” the report states. The BCSO advised the woman to tell the Division of Family and Children Services about the activity allegedly happening in front of the children and to contact magistrate court if she wants to obtain a warrant.

Drug possession, suspended license — A driver was arrested on traffic charges and his passenger was arrested on drug charges after being stopped by a BCSO deputy at Highway 204 and Clarence Smith Road.

The driver swerved across the center line on Black Creek Church Road, causing the deputy to run off the road, according to the report. The deputy said he saw the driver cross the center line again after he caught up to him.

The driver, an Ellabell man, was charged after dispatch confirmed his license had been suspended a week earlier. The passenger, also from Ellabell, was arrested for being in possession of several Xanax and Adderall pills that were not in their original containers, the report states.

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