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Port Wentworth man arrested for stealing drugs from Pembroke Pharmacy
Billy Crow

A Port Wentworth man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing thousands of prescription painkillers from Pembroke Pharmacy.

Pembroke Police Department Chief Mark Crowe said the man, 41-year-old Billy Morris Crow, is facing similar charges for allegedly stealing painkillers from pharmacies in Pooler, Savannah and Garden City as well.

Chief Crowe said the suspect broke into the pharmacy the night of Sunday June 21 by breaking into the back part of the building.

"He undid the siding by the air conditioning unit, pulled the insulation out and found a hole to crawl through," Crowe said.

Chief Crowe said the surveillance footage shows Billy Crow going straight to the shelf where the oxycontin and oxycodone was located and taking all ten bottles that were in house, which equals thousands of pills. Chief Crowe said the pharmacist helped PPD match up footage of Billy Crow entering the pharmacy about a week prior, when he filled an oxycontin prescription for his girlfriend.

Chief Crowe said police went to the suspect’s Port Wentworth home Wednesday to interview him and was found possessing a baggie of oxycontin pills. He said a search warrant of the home led to police locating the clothing worn in the Pembroke Pharmacy surveillance video. He also said interviews with Crow and his girlfriend connected the suspect to three other area crimes.

Crow is being held in Chatham County Jail as of Friday and faces four counts of burglary, among other charges. A warrant was issued Friday for the Pembroke Pharmacy theft, so Chief Crowe said an appearance in Bryan County Jail is imminent as well.

Chief Crowe said someone had tried to break into Pembroke Pharmacy in May, but the attempt was thwarted when the alarm sounded.

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