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County OKs loan for fire station, truck
WaterWays Township owners to pay $400,000 note
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County commissioners are floating a $400,000 loan for a fire station and truck to be paid for by the owners of a developing community in South Bryan.

During the regular meeting Tuesday in the Administrative Complex, the board approved 4-1 to take out the loan, which will fund the construction of a fire station and purchase of a low-mileage fire truck for WaterWays Township south of Richmond Hill.

Commissioner Jimmy Henderson cast the sole “no” vote, and said he wanted some time to do research on the topic.

“The landholder is supposed to pay the payment on the loan around $80,000 per year and they’ve agreed to do that,” Henderson said Thursday. “There is probably no problem with that, I just wanted to get a little clearer understanding on it before we signed a $400,000 note.”

Savannah Land Holding LLC has guaranteed to pay the loan up to $400,000 in increments of $80,000 per year for five years beginning July 1. If the project exceeds $400,000, the county will be responsible for the difference.

Read more in the June 18 edition of the News.

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