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GA Driver Services urges customers to skip a trip
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If you could skip a trip to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) wouldn’t you?

Tens of thousands of eligible driver licensing customers are not taking advantage of the opportunity to renew their driver’s license or identification card online.

In October, more than 47,703 customers were eligible to renew their expiring driver’s license or identification card online. To be eligible, customers have submitted the required Real ID Homeland Security information to DDS and have a small gold star in the upper right-hand corner of their license or ID. They also must meet other eligibility requirements.

Of the substantial number eligible, only 17,462 took advantage of the additional convenience. DDS is asking why?

Customers submitted their reasons to DDS for not renewing online, and DDS responded:

•             I waited until the last minute, and I’m expiring immediately.

Anyone who procrastinated can still use DDS Online Services. Simply renew online, and print the receipt to keep with the expired license until the new license arrives. It is legally acceptable to drive on the receipt, and the expired license serves as photo ID. The new license typically arrives within 10 business days.


•             I thought I had to visit in person and bring all kinds of paperwork in.

Customers who have a small gold star in the top right-hand corner of their current driver’s license have already provided the required documents and do not have to provide any documentation again.


In addition, customers said they just did not know about online renewal options. DDS communicates directly with customers who may renew online about 60 days before they are due to expire.

“Look for a blue reminder postcard from DDS by mail, or if you have provided an email address, we will send you an email alerting you to the DDS online renewal process,” said Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. “To all the customers that have used these alternate services, thank you for doing your part to help improve our customer service.”

DDS will also launch a brand new mobile app in early 2018 – DDS 2 GO – enabling customers to access DDS online services wherever they are and receive alerts from the agency concerning licensing issues and opportunities.

For more information about DDS online services, including options to renew or replace a license or ID, visit 

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