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Cops say traffic stop leads to seizure of $62,000
Guy Twitty

When BCSD traffic unit Cpl. Mark Crowe pulled over a North Carolina man last month for a traffic violation, a Michael Jordan lunchbox on the floorboard reportedly turned out to have more than a sandwich inside. It had $62,000 in suspected drug money which was subsequently seized, according to the police report.

On Jan. 17, Crowe pulled over Asheville resident Guy Twitty, 27, after allegedly seeing his SUV swerve on I-95. Twitty was traveling with his two children, ages three and 16.

According to the report, Crowe separately questioned Twitty and the 16-year-old and received two different stories about where they were traveling to and from.

Crowe ran a check on Twitty, which allegedly came back saying he has a criminal history of cocaine trafficking.

Crowe then reportedly asked for consent to search the vehicle. Twitty declined. Crowe then asked if a K-9 could walk around the vehicle and Twitty agreed to it, a report said.

Fellow unit members Deputy Shane Tatum and Lt. David Blige arrived at the scene. A Chatham K-9 also responded and alerted to the rear passenger door of Twitty’s vehicle.

Tatum searched the vehicle and allegedly found a 9-mm handgun and the lunchbox full of cash. Twitty was arrested for possession of firearms by a convicted felon and the money was seized.

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