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Cops say murder solved

Last week’s homicide case on Clarktown Road in South Bryan County has been solved, according to the GBI.

Savannah man Carlos Huntley, 30, who shot himself to death in front of Savannah police Tuesday, is being linked to last week’s Bryan County homicide of 34-year-old Savannah man Jack Harley, according to GBI Agent Micah Ward.

According to a Savannah police report, Huntley killed himself after being confronted by Savannah-Chatham police.

Ward said Harley died of multiple gun shot wounds and shell casings found at the Clarktown scene have been matched with Huntley’s weapon.

He also said Huntley’s weapon is linked to two other shootings. One case is the death of his girlfriend, Hinesville native Lakessa Felder, whose body reportedly was found on the side of the side of the road in Madison County, Fla. on Monday. The other case is the Nov. 27th shooting of Savannah man Alton Williams in the Georgetown area of Savannah.

Although the Clarktown case has been solved, Ward said it remains unclear what led to the killing.

"That’s just a drawback of having a case where both parties are deceased," Ward said. "We’ll never know 100 percent what happened. We can speculate all day long, but we’ll never know for sure."

Ward said a joint effort enabled authorities to solve the case so quickly.

"When I was standing out there Saturday with the body, I never would’ve figured out that we’d have this thing solved within a week’s time," Ward said. "We had great cooperation with the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, which was a big part of investigation being successful. And Savannah-Chatham PD really helped us develop the Huntley angle. I also credit citizens and the media. This was a community effort."

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