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Carnival comes...and goes
City said carnival set up shop in the wrong place
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The carnival that was on Hwy. 17 in Richmond Hill last week came very close to not being able to open.

It was cut from five to three days due to a stand-off with the city.

City officials said organizers changed the agreed location and spent the first two days in negotiations instead of operating.

Richmond Hill Planning and Zoning Director Steve Scholar said a roadside permit was given to the carnival folks, allowing them to conduct the event in the Kroger parking lot. Upon their arrival, Scholar said he soon received word that they set up shop in a different location without permission.

Scholar said the amusement company assembled their rides in the vacant lot adjacent to Auto Zone, "because they said they would be more visible there." Scholar said he immediately went to the site and informed Smokey Mountain Amusements manager Joe Jones that he could not open because permits were not obtained to run a carnival at the new site.

"If they just would’ve opened up in the Kroger parking lot, parking would not have issues and we also had to then address permits regarding issues such as power and gas lines," Scholar said.

A compromise between the city and Smokey Mountain Amusements was reached to allow the carnival to open its gates on Thursday. Jones spent those two days gathering the right permits as Scholar said that is the only way he would allow the event to take place. Jones could not be reached for comment.

Scholar said they left Monday and were claiming dismal sales for their three-day stint.


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