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Blotters: Man hits fence, dog causes ruckus, Russians (maybe) steal truck
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From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

 Vehicle crash: Police were sent around 2:03 a.m. Nov. 19 to a residential address “for a vehicle that had crashed into a fence and was now abandoned in a yard.”

Police found the vehicle was registered to a man who lived “about a block away.” After a search, they found him “hiding under a van that was parked next to his crashed vehicle.”

He was pretty lit up, the report said, noting that when the officer “stood him up, he nearly lost his balance and almost fell down again.” During his interview, when the man was asked how much he’d had to drink, he told the officer, “’way too much.” When the man was asked if he would take a field sobriety test, he reportedly said, “no and that he could not walk a straight line right now if he had too.’” Later, the man “made multiple statements about him being the one that crashed his $60,000 (vehicle) and that he’s sorry for hitting the fence as well.”

He was charged, then turned over to a woman who took responsibility for him.

Fraud: A South Carolina woman called RHPD on Nov. 22 to report “her credit card being fraudulently used online by someone living in Richmond Hill.”

The woman said she saw $239.51 in charges to her credit card from, with one item delivered to a Richmond Hill address, another that was supposed to picked up at the Ogeechee Drive store and a third that had been canceled.

Police are investigating.

Matter of record: Police were sent to Plantation Apartments around 11:17 a.m. Nov. 21 “for a loud verbal argument in process.”

They first talked to the complainant, who said a neighbor’s dog was not on a leash and came into her apartment and attacked her dog, then her son opened the door and the big dog ran out.

“(The complainant) also stated that the other party started cursing at her and called her a ‘racist white (bleep).’” About that time the owner of the other dog “came back and started yelling at (the complainant),” and another officer had “to intervene to get her to stop being disorderly,” etc.

The officer went to get her side of the story, which reportedly included her admitted her dog wasn’t on a leash. “She then started ranting about how she’s from Atlanta and she’s trying to go places and stated that people in Plantation Apartments try not to go anywhere out of the apartment complex.”

As police tried to figure out whether her dog was injured, “she said she does not know and accused (the complainant) of keeping her dog.” An officer asked the complainant if she had the dog and she said she didn’t.

Police cited the one woman for having an animal at large, and before officers left “(she) and her sister stated that they believe the canine is dead and inside (the complainant’s) apartment. She stated the (complainant) led her canine into her apartment on purpose.” Officers had already searched the complainant’s apartment and told the woman “we do not have the evidence to support her theory,” and “(she) did not seem concerned or upset that her canine could be dead. This is when they stated that ‘they seen it but they ain’t gonna tell us that.’” And that’s when officers “decided to distance ourselves to deescalate the situation and left the scene.”

Stolen vehicle: Officers were sent Nov. 15 to a local motel regarding a stolen truck, where they met the complainant, a woman who said hers was stolen from the TA by two of her employees.

The complainant, who has what appears to be a Russian name and had a heavy accent, “said that the men have verbal permission to use the truck, but all parties were supposed to ride together to Miami. It was hard to understand what (she) was saying due to her accent, but she said she was going to get her CDL license in Miami because she owns a moving company and has three trucks.”

There was some difficulty figuring out what the tag number of the truck was. Her two employees also appear to be Russian, judging by their names, and “(she said she followed the truck in her car from New Jersey and the men told her they would call her later and left her at the TA with her child.”

The officer noted “there is no way to put a BOLO on the truck since it is unclear what the actual tag on the truck is.”

He also reported he tried to explain that to the woman, but she started telling him about other issues she’s having.

DUI: A 23-year-old Savannah woman was charged with DUI, reckless driving and open container after she was involved in a single-vehicle accident around 10:20 p.m. Nov. 28 on Highway 17. The woman, who declined treatment by EMS, reportedly blew a .254 on a preliminary breath test and admitted to drinking. She was taken to RHPD to be fingerprinted and then turned over to her parents, who “signed a receipt of an intoxicated person.”

From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Yard fire: Here’s a deputy’s narrative from a report of an incident that occurred around 2:37 a.m. Nov. 25.

“While on patrol in Waterways I noticed a yard on fire at the corner of Black Jack Ct W and Black Jack Ct N. I attempted to make contact with both the home owners whose yard were on fire with negative results. I was able to get a water hose and put the fire out in both yards and in the fire pit where the fire started. I finally made contact with the home owners and advised them of the situation and they agreed they would talk to each other later in the day.”

Damage to property: Here’s another narrative from a different deputy: “On Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021, at 1506 (3:06 p.m.) while on patrol I noticed a white male in a gray hoodie running from the recreation center bathroom. I noticed a toilet paper roll rolling across the street.

When I stopped to inspect the recreation center restroom I noticed the male restroom commode had a paper towel roll stuffed in the toilet, debris on the wall and floor. A search of the male individual was met with negative result. Nothing further to report at this time ….” Matter of record: An Ellabell man reported Nov. 21 “he got a package from Amazon and shortly after receiving the package, his power went out. (He) advised he went outside and saw that his neighbors had power, then noticed that he power box in his yard was knocked off the concrete slab. He then contacted Georgia Power.”

A Georgia Power employee told the deputy the power box was the company’s property and it would cost around $10,000 to fix the problem.

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