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BCSO reports: Card thieves caught in restaurant
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Fraud: A deputy was sent on May 6 to meet with a woman who said two people had stolen her credit card from the Zip-in on Highway 204 in Ellabell after she accidentally left it there. The woman said “later this date she was notified her card was being used at the Pooler Carey Hilliard’s restaurant and the Sunoco gas station in Pooler.”

The woman said she called Pooler police and told them, and they “arrived on scene at Carey Hilliard’s and did make an arrest of both suspects. They are currently being housed in the Chatham County Jail.” What’s more, one of them had a warrant on one of them, and the woman “also discovered one of these suspects used this same credit card in Ellabell at the El Cheapo … in the amount of $79.80.”

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Highway 17 address on May 11 “in reference to a set of rental car keys that were thrown into the woods by the father of the complainant’s children.”

The woman said her boyfriend did it. The deputy told her she could call the magistrate judge “in obtaining a warrant if she chose to do so,” and gave her a case number. He then spoke to the boyfriend, “who stated that he did take the keys as a joke, but they fell off his four wheeler between his residence and Parker’s on Highway 17.” The deputy noted he saw the boyfriend pick up a lanyard near Cartertown road, but couldn’t determine if those were the missing rental car keys or not.

Matter of record: A Fort McAllister Road man reported May 11 that someone followed him on May 9. The complainant said he saw the man working on a golf cart on the side of the road, and shortly afterward he and his wife left home and drove down Fort McAllister. “(He) stated when he did this, (the man) got behind him in his vehicle and followed him very closely. (Complainant) then stated he pulled off on a side road and stopped. (He) stated (the man) pulled beside his vehicle and pointed at him and said ‘never mind’ and drove off. (The complainant’ was given a case report number, nothing further at this time.”

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address on May 11. There, the complainant said someone rang his doorbell, “but they did not answer his door. (He) then stated he witnessed two Hispanic males enter his back yard, and pull up one pole that was set in the ground for the patio deck under construction. (He) then stated the two Hispanic males broke the other pole, and left.”

The complainant said “he thinks the two Hispanic males are part of the work crew that was assembling the patio deck, but they stopped work and have still not completed the job.”

The complainant said he called the contractor and was told to call police. He was given a case number.

Assault of law enforcement officer: Deputies were sent May 11 to a home in South Bryan for “the second time within two hours,” because a man said someone was in his house “again like earlier.”

“When we were talking with him to figure out how to help him he admitted to us that he had taken muscle relaxers, a pill that helps with opiod addiction,and he had snorted cocaine mixed with something else he believed may have been bath salts.”

Deputies reported they contacted EMS “out of concern for his safety and health and he agreed that he needed to go to the hospital after we spoke to him.”

That changed after the man was checked by EMS, “he became argumentative with everyone and was refusing to go to the hospital and asking to go to jail.” Eventually, the man fought with deputies and had to be tased before he was finally taken into custody. “(He) was charged with felony obstruction, simple battery of a law enforcement officer, disorderly house for calling to have law enforcement and EMS to come to his house for no reason, and was also charged with misuse of 911 for making 1 plus calls in less than a 24-hour period for no reason except to ask for help which he refused after arrival and then saying people where in his house and the girlfriend was next door entertaining people at a sex party.”

In a separate incident report, it was said the same man had threatened a neighbor and was “advised the Sheriff ’s Department has been dispatched now 16 times just about his behavior over time and it needs to stop.”

Theft: A Pembroke man reported May 8 “he noticed a 1954 model Chevrolet truck missing from behind the shop. The truck was Black in color and was not running. It also had four flat tires. The truck had been sitting behind the shop but outside of the secured fenced in area. (He) advised the truck had been sitting there since December 30, 2014. There were no fresh marks indicating that the truck was recently taken, even the grass was starting to grow up where the truck once sat. (He) stated the vehicle had to have been removed by a wrecker and he was unsure when he actually laid eyes on the truck.”

The owner of the pickup said he law saw the truck at the shop at some point late in 2019 or early in 2020.

Vandalism: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address May 9 regarding criminal trespass by a boyfriend who discovered his girlfriend had cheated on him.

“Upon arriving home,” the complainants “found that someone had driven on their lawn. The suspect damaged the front lawn, a memorial lawn ornament, a candidate for sheriff sign, and 3 solar lawn lights. (One of the complainants) stated that they struck her banana tree and drove over the water meter cover ….”

A witness said she saw a white man in a jeep driving around the yard screaming. The warrant process was explained.

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