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BCSO blotters: Call regarding ax murder leads to mental evaluations
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Mental evaluation: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 11 a.m. Jan. 21 “in reference to someone being killed with an axe.” There, deputies were greeted by a woman who ‘was very disheveled, her clothes were dirty, her face was dirty, and also her finger. 

“She was telling us Irish people were in her house killing people and dragging the bodies away.” After listening a bit the reporting deputy found “it clear to see a mental episode was taking place,” so he asked if anyone else was at home and the woman said her daughter was there.

“I approached (the woman’s daughter) to try and gain some clarity on the situation,” the deputy wrote, and noting, “as I got close to the door, the smell of cat urine was almost overwhelming.” There were a number of cats around, and the daughter couldn’t speak clearly either. “I asked the female (daughter) … if she was aware of her mother’s situation, she mumbled something to me and began to show me a smear mark on the wall.” At that point the deputy realized “both females were having mental issues,” he continued, noting “together the two females were collaborating how the smear mark got there. They were saying it was from the bodies being dragged outside the house.” The mother didn’t know what day it was or the year, either. “She tried to guess but she answered 2019. At this time (a BCSO sergeant) requested EMS respond to our location.”

Then a neighbor approached, and told deputies “she dates one of the men that live at this location,” and said the two women “are diagnosed schizophrenic.”

Further investigation led to the women being taken to Memorial for evaluation, and a copy of the report was given to Adult Protective Services.

Theft, property damage: An Ellabell man reported Jan. 23 that “while he was incarcerated someone stole two guns from his residence and put an axe through the roof of a car he was working on in his shop.”

The man gave deputies a name and said they were arguing the day he was arrested, and said more things were missing and he’d make a list, etc.

Harassment: An Ellabell woman reported Jan. 23 that “her husband … called her and told her (a man) was texting him stating she was harassing him.”

The woman told the deputy she wasn’t harassing the man “and in fact does not know his phone number to do so.”

The woman said her husband “told her some of the texts from (the man) were threats towards her but he will not let her see them.”

The husband was listed as 43 years old, while the man who texted him about his wife is 48, the report said.

 Suspicious vehicle: A Richmond Hill man reported Jan. 21 his daughter “had just run home after someone in a white work van attempted to abduct her,” a report said. The report continued; “(The man) stated that he believed the ‘KKK’ were the offenders and the abduction attempt is a retaliation against him for a lawsuit he has against someone he had worked with as a government employee.’ 

The man’s daughter, whose age wasn’t available in the report, told the deputy the van came near her but the driver “did not stop or speak to her during the incident.” Her father, meanwhile, who is listed in the report as white, “insisted that the abduction was the work of the ‘KKK’ and other entities,” and showed the deputy “lawsuit papers he had drawn up against various government agencies,” without “the assistance of an attorney.” “(He) was adamant that we contact the FBI regarding his daughter’s incident,” the report continued, adding that there were no white work vans in the neighborhood when deputies arrive, but a nearby home was under renovation and there was a contractor’s dumpster sitting out front on the street. The man didn’t buy that and continued to insist the FBI be contacted. He was given a case number and was told BCSO would conduct extra patrol of his neighborhood.

Civil matter: A deputy was sent to the Board of Education in Black Creek around noon Jan. 24 regarding a dispute. The complainant, an Ellabell man, said “his son got suspended for bullying another student and he wanted proof of why he was suspended.”

The man said he was told there was video evidence of the incident and he wanted to see it. “(He) was advised that he could not see the video at this time as it had not been viewed by the proper channels. (He) was also told he would need to have the video subpoenaed to view it. (He) wanted the incident documented in case the video came up missing or deleted.”

Reckless conduct: Deputies were sent to a South Bryan address around 9 p.m. Jan. 21 regarding shots being fired at a home. The complainant said she was in her bedroom when “she heard multiple gunshots and she has been hearing them all day.” The woman said one sounded like it hit her house, so “she went to the living room to investigate and noticed the damaged window blind and saw the spent bullet on the floor of the living room,” a report said. The woman “stated they do not have any enemies and does not know who would have intentionally shot her house.”

The case was turned over to a detective.

Intoxicated person: Deputies were sent to a South Bryan address around 7 p.m. Jan. 22, where they found a man inside an expensive vehicle. The 57-year-old man told deputies “he was just sitting in front of his house, waiting for someone named Kevin from inside the residence.

While police were identifying the man, he “began to ask us if we knew a Sheriff, but forget his name and asked if he could reach into his car and grab his phone,” and after he was given permission, “(he) claimed that he didn’t want us to shoot him, saying that ‘you shoot Blacks,’” the report said.

The man, listed as white in the report, denied drinking or taking drugs but repeatedly raised his hands in the air, smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test. He also blew a .09. He was arrested for DUI and taken to jail. 

Aggravated assault; A Pembroke woman reported Jan. 23 her husband came home drunk and demanded she clean the house, and “when she told him she would do it the next day, he became angry and left the room and came back with a gun.” The woman said she wanted to call 911 but he threatened to shoot her if she did, and during the incident fired four shots in the home. She and her children were able to get out of the house, and the man was arrested. The gun, a .22 “AK style rifle” was found nearby and set to fire with one round left in the chamber.

Deputies found three bullet holes in the living room window and one in a wall. The man was arrested.

Shots fired; A Pembroke woman reported Jan.21 she heard two shots fired “then noticed a car pull off across the street at a high rate of speed.”

Then, “her teenage daughter and friend stated to her that they saw someone on the ground crawling next to the house across the street.”

Deputies “searched the area across the street, under the house, in the woods, and inside the house, but to no avail,” and “could not locate anyone that had been shot or injured.’ During the search, the homeowner got home and said she’d left to go to the store and “she was the only one that resided at the home and did not have anyone over the past couple of days.”

The deputy told the complainant a search didn’t yield anything “but if she sees anything out of the ordinary to give us a call back.”

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