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BCSO blotter: Son tears up mom’s house, but too weird for jail
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Criminal trespass: Deputies were called around 12:48 a.m. May 13 to a Piercefield address in Richmond Hill because “the city officers were all on other calls and requested assistance from the Sheriff’s Office ….”

Deputies landed a doozy. A woman complained her 26-year-old son “had destroyed the inside of her residence,” and deputies saw the damage, which included “numerous items broken on the floor and thrown all over,” and her flat screen TV. They also saw the son, who “was on the front porch of the residence screaming and cursing,” and “extremely intoxicated. (He) stated he has hepatitis C and he as not afraid to go back to jail.

(He) still yelling stated that he has a substance abuse problem and wanted to go to the hospital. EMS arrived at the hospital and spoke to (the son. (He) at first stated that he was going with EMS to the hospital. (He) again became angry yelling and cursing at EMS. (He) threw his shoes towards the ambulance and started towards the residence,” the report said. “(HE) stated he was going inside. I informed (him) he was under arrest for Criminal Trespass.

(He) was handcuffed behind his back double locked and placed into the back of (a deputy’s) patrol car. (He) continued yelling and cursing at everyone.”

He was then taken to RHPD, and RHPD took him to Bryan County Jail.

“At the jail (he) continued yelling and cursing at everyone. (He) was put into a jail cell by himself.

(He) began kicking and hitting on the cell door and continued for a while. (He) stated that he wanted to go to the hospital. The jail staff checked (his) blood pressure and called the jail nurse. The jail staff then stated that they were refusing to take (him) into custody.” So, “EMS was called to the jail. (He) was released from custody. (He) told EMS he wanted to be transported to the hospital in Statesboro. (He) went with EMS to the hospital.”

The deputy reported he’d take a warrant on the guy.

Simple battery: A clerk at a convenience store in Richmond Hill reported May 17 that a customer grabbed her by the neck.

“She stated while checking out (a man she named) at the front register, he stated to her ‘she was a bad girl and wanted to be choked,’” a report said, then “grabbed her by the choker she was wearing around her neck and pulled her towards him. (She) then stated after this happened, (he) released his grasp and left with the items he purchased.”

Deputies were unable to check the security video because nobody at the store had the password at the time the report, and a search for the man was fruitless.

Criminal trespass: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 11 p.m. May 19, where the complainant said “3 to 5” men jumped out of a pickup with baseball bats and pipes.

“(She) stated they started beating on the side of the house, then the AC unit, and then they made their way to the front door where one of the men busted a window pane out of the front door,” the report said.

“The men started fighting in the front yard and after someone said the police is coming everyone left the area in the white pickup truck.”

There was apparently some connection to a man who said he’d been beaten up and who also offered to pay for the damages to the home.

“(That man) was intoxicated and it was unclear why the fight or damage even occurred,” the report said. “It is also believed that (the man’s) son was involved in the incident and that his father was covering for him.”

Suspicious activity: Deputies were sent to Daniel Defense around 1 p.m. May 17 because a man showed up ready to go to work. According to the report, a deputy “was notified by Daniel Defense security that the subject listed as ‘other’ had attempted to gain access into Daniel Defense for the purpose of employment.

After being told he would have to apply online he remained on the property and explained he had several weapons he had assembled to prove he was able to work at the factory.

Security advised that he was behaving strangely and was hesitant to leave.

Security requested a report for personal records.”

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