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BCSO Blotter: Online dating goes bad for Ellabell man

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Theft by taking: An Ellabell man and his mother went to BCSO on Feb. 15 to report that the night before three women, one of whom he’d met online at a dating site called showed up at his house. Two of them came in while one stayed in the car, the man told BCSO, and he “fixed and poured a couple of cokes and that one of the girls he says goes by the profile name of Secrete Sensation decided that she and the one left in the vehicle would go to the store,” the report said. “He states the one that stayed he only knew by her profile name as Becky (bleep) or (Bleep) Becky. He states that Becky then asked to use the bathroom.”

The man then said he drank some of his coke “and then got up to go check on Becky in the bathroom. (He) states the next thing he remembers is waking up on the bathroom floor Friday afternoon at around 4 p.m. (He) feels he was drugged by one or both of the females.”

The man said when he came to, he found his wallet, cash from his pants pocket, a necklace he was wearing, two coffee cans full of coins and his daughter’s earrings missing. He called the number of the woman he’d been in contact with, but a man answered. “(The victim) told the male that all he wanted was his stuff back or he would go to the police. (He) did not get his belongings back and is here now to report the incident.”

The deputy told the victim to let BCSO know if he got more information on the women.

Involuntary evaluation: This happened on Valentine’s Day, according to the report: “On the above date and time Bryan County Sheriff’s Office received a court order to transport (a man) from the Bryan County Jail to Memorial Hospital for an involuntary evaluation based on the order (he) was believed to be at substantial risk of harming himself or others.”

The reporting deputy got the man to the hospital “without incident,” and “was escorted inside with the assistance of the hospital’s nurses and security.”

The report goes on to note the man was screened and accepted by the hospital, but “(he) was extremely agitated and vocalized threats before he was secure by hospital staff and given an unknown amount of medication before I was informed that the hospital would be refusing (the man) and that he would be returned to my custody,” the deputy wrote.

“I informed the nurses that I had a court order, and was told ‘there is a process to get him into Georgia Regional but this isn’t it,” by an unknown nurse.”

The deputy was given the man’s discharge paperwork and “transported (him) back to Bryan County Jail without incident.”

Domestic dispute: Valentine’s Day, part two. A deputy was called to a South Bryan address “in reference to an intoxicated person at the residence refusing to leave.”

There, he met a woman who said she and her boyfriend “went out to eat, and that they had some drinks (alcoholic beverages)” the report said. “(She) stated that when they arrived home, (she and her boyfriend) started arguing. (She) said that he locked her out of the bedroom.

(She) stated that she just wanted to get her things and go home.”

So, she got a butter knife from a kitchen drawer to pop the bedroom door lock and get her things, she told the deputy, only her boyfriend got mad at her when she went in and then “put her out the front door,” the report said.

The boyfriend had a different story, claiming his girlfriend got mad at him for not being romantic and locking him out of the bedroom, “and that he thought she would just go to sleep on the couch.”

Instead, she popped the lock, and he claimed she “tried to cut him,” with the butter life. So he “put her out the front door until the Deputies arrived.”

There were no marks on either combatant and the butter knife was back on the kitchen table, the report said. The boyfriend agreed to let the woman back in to get her medication and her dog, then the deputy gave her a courtesy ride to another address.

Verbal argument: A deputy was sent Feb. 15 to an Ellabell address where the complainant “stated his son must leave the house.” Here’s why. “All this started when they bought an Xbox and the Xbox did not work because they don’t have internet. Son became irritated and started slamming doors and cussing his father. Everyone was talked to till the situation was calmed down and (the deputy) asked his son to leave the house for tonight upon his father’s request.”

Counterfeit money: A clerk at an Ellabell convenience store on Highway 280 reported Feb. 16 that a man tried to cash in a counterfeit $100, then left after telling her he got it from someone “in the 400 block,” of Ellabell. The woman described the man as “a white male, with brown hair, and brown eyes. She stated that he was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.”

The clerk said she didn’t know the man, but he’d been in the store before. The deputy took the bill to BCSO for evidence.

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